Lattice Engines: Simplifying Complex Data Science and Advanced Predictive Analytics

SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
SI Team
Companies are looking for different ways to influence the bottom line and achieve more revenue growth. A compelling need to improve their lead generation efforts, optimize conversion, and win rates has gained prominence. Firms are also looking to make their sales teams more efficient by allowing them to focus on the best opportunities and give them the insights they need to close more business. There is also a requirement for reducing or eliminating churns within their customer base and gain more wallet share from their existing customers. For all this plethora of problems, there is a common solution, Lattice Engines, which is pioneering predictive applications for marketing and sales.

Driving the Change
Many tools and technologies on the market today are just that- tools in search of a solution. The San Mateo, CA based Lattice is taking a different approach to solving specific business problems within B2B sales and marketing organizations. "We help companies grow revenue across the entire customer lifecycle, from first conversion to renewal, with data-driven marketing and sales applications that make complex data science easy to use," , "says Shashi Upadhyay, co-founder and CEO of the firm. By combining thousands of buying signals with advanced predictive analytics in a suite of secure cloud applications, Lattice helps companies of all sizes including DocuSign, HireVue and SunTrust Bank to increase conversion rates by more than three times.

Upadhyay feels that there is more knowable prospect and customer information out there than ever before, and advanced data science and predictive analytics can help to discover the information that is actually indicative of buying behavior. "We make this data science accessible to everyone in easy to deploy and use applications. We believe we have the most comprehensive applications on the market today and have by far the most customer experience,"adds Upadhyay.

The Different Solutions
Lattice Engines offers three solutions applications which allows its customers to score and segment their leads and accounts, retain and upsell existing customers and enable sales teams. It specifically helps companies quickly identify their most lucrative leads, accounts, and customers with Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring. With Lattice Cross-Sell and Retention, it helps companies maintain and expand existing customer relationships. Lastly, with Lattice for Sales Enablement, the company helps clients prioritize revenue opportunities and provide insight on ways to engage prospects and customers.
These state of the art solutions combined with a proven customer success, the industry's largest source of predictive buying signals, enterprise class security, and a team that blends data science with deep marketing and sales domain expertise has made the firm company unique and the preferred predictive marketing hub.

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