AppDynamics: Running a More Profitable and Intelligent Business

Sagaya Christuraj
Monday, December 1, 2014
Sagaya Christuraj
Today, end users expect a highly personal experience every time they interact with a web or mobile application. These applications have undergone a major shift - the rise of cloud computing, distributed and service-oriented architectures, mobile technology, and other significant trends in software architecture has further complicated how applications work. The CIO's office has responded by shifting its focus away from infrastructure and towards end-user engagement. A very good move, but this has created an application environment whose complexities do not coincide with traditional management approaches.

Jyoti Bansal, a Silicon Valley product visionary, technologist, leader, and innovator, recognized the opportunity presented by business's increasing dependency on applications - the rise of the "software-defined business" - and the need to monitor, manage, and harvest data from those applications. And so he founded AppDynamics and created the Application Intelligence platform, which promises to tackle the modern application environment with end-to-end, insight-driven management and analytics.

"As more and more businesses are software-driven, applications are at the heart of business execution," says Bansal. "Application Intelligence monitors these applications in real time to extract intelligence and solve the business and operational glitches, to run a more effective and profitable business. Visibility into every corner of the application infrastructure, and dynamic, automatic baselining of performance to instantly recognize what's normal and what's not, enables IT to anticipate and avoid these glitches altogether."

For instance, it is imperative for a bank's online banking website or mobile application to work flawlessly and not cause trouble for customers who depend on it. AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform provides the tools to prevent app performance issues and maintain a satisfactory user experience. The platform allows the businesses to pinpoint, troubleshoot, and very quickly resolve any issues, which, without such sophisticated intelligence, could take days or weeks to process.

"We provide proactive data for application developers, and business and IT operations professionals, to build and run better applications for better business and IT performance," Bansal said. "It also helps developers to use the data to fuel and fix things aggressively." This approach has helped AppDynamics become one of the fastest-growing enterprise software companies in the world.

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