embedUR systems: Connecting the Dots in the IoT Space

SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
SI Team
While IoT may have been a sci-fi vision just a couple of decades ago, it is a fast evolving reality of today and the future. As economists to sociologists frantically study the current and anticipated effects of IoT, Internet of Things companies like embedUR from Fremont, CA are busy working with organizations around the world to help them incorporate this new technology approach into their business models.

embedUR is a name synonymous with the wireless industry. A testament to this is the fact that since 2004, embedUR has undertaken more than 75 major wireless projects for many of the leading companies in the Enterprise WLAN market, developing everything from access points, to CAPWAP protocol stacks. One reason for such success is its charismatic CEO and founder, Rajesh Subramaniam, who possesses 20 years of experience in architecting, designing, implementing and delivering hardware and software in the embedded market space.

A New Day and A new Crusade
Today though, the veteran has his sights set on two fast growing distinct verticals, IoT and SDN. He feels that embedUR can leverage its legacy in the wireless space and use it to create an impact on these prominent sectors which will in turn escalate the decade long firm to new heights.

In an initiative to do the same, the team at embedUR has identified pain points that may potentially hinder the entry of IoT into common households. After discussions with major service providers, Rajesh has recognized that there is a deficit in the quality of service that is required for all the connected devices in today's crowded network to communicate seamlessly and get the needful. Another challenge the firm is bent on solving is the identification of inhibitors to the internal network communication and eliminating them.

The Algorithm to Solve the Problem

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