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Kronos India: Utilize Workforce Power to the Maximum

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Managing workforce "In the Moment" particularly when it comes to knowing the operational dimension in real time of what they mean to you is extremely complex because of 4 dimensions to workforce - time they work for you, time they absence themselves, placing right people for right jobs at the right time, and what tasks or activities they undertake every moment, dealing with human beings in the workplace is very different to dealing with machines, materials or money the other"M's" and hence automation and optimization techniques of this 4th dimension - workforce needs to be uniquely dealt with. Helping organizations across a variety of industries manage this most precious, and expensive, strategic asset - their workforce, is Kronos. The company is the global leader in delivering cloud based workforce management solutions. The 38 years old company helps organizations with tools to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve overall workforce productivity.

Global companies are coming to India and setting up bigger processes focusing on the growth opportunities present here, and so are Indian companies making their presence felt globally. This calls for a significant understanding of people in the workplace and how to manage and engage them in better ways in changing demographics and cultural environments. The solutions provided by Kronos have been implemented by more than half of the Fortune 1000 companies globally. It has about 20 thousand customers globally and over 40 million users in its systems. Headquartered in Boston, Kronos put its foot in India around seven years back and currently has offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Noida that serve many of the India's largest and reputed enterprises from a wide variety of industry sectors. Organizations in varied industries including retailers, healthcare institutions, manufacturers, services organizations, transportation and distribution companies, airlines and government entities choose Kronos with high regard for the solutions offered.

Winning over Challenges

Concerns like understanding people, engaging with them, motivating them for innovation, performance, productivity and effectiveness, and not running compliance by non adherent labor practices tops the chart of foresightedness by several organizations. At the same time, it is imperative for businesses to engage employees and motivate them in such a way that they bring out the best within themselves. The uniqueness of Kronos comes from a perspective of making people management truly done by exception based management. It does not require to manage every employee every moment, rather managing the exceptions that occur with a specific employee at a given time and more pro active HR interventions by having real time information on that operational exception reality.

People are today becoming the heart of competitive differentiation for companies around the world and is increasingly becoming relevant in India too. Engaged employees innovate and to ensure employees are engaged daily, they need to be placed in the right jobs at the right time and be given the space, flexibility and opportunities depending on their category or rolesto deliver well and innovate in their jobs. With the human capital available for India today, what is commonly referred to as the 'demographic dividend', the only way to harness and unleash this demographic dividend is by better real time engagement of the workforce for better productivity and innovation.

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