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Focus Softnet: Governing Business with Holistic ERP Solutions

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Kavitha G.
With the ERP space evolving and becoming highly dynamic, more and more firms have adopted ERP solutions to provide accurate information for optimum management of their businesses. Even the most critical tasks like accounting have become easier and burden-free with the implementation of ERP effectuating a stable and sound financial growth of organizations. In fact, successful ERP implementation begins and ends with robust accounting software functionality today. However the increasing need to achieve higher profitability within their constraints of accounting resources forces companies to be on the lookout for solutions which can be deployed quickly & accurately, delivering a rapid ROI. Amidst several ERP solution providers, Focus Softnet, a Hyderabad headquartered established multinational company, stands tall with its ERP solutions that not only aims to meet the demand of the customers, but also outperforms their expectations through its robust ERP frameworks.

Focus Softnet started its success journey in 1992 with an accounting solution, and has now developed into a larger organization sculpting out several enterprise solutions for healthcare, property, education, logistics, retail and manufacturing. Recognized as a one-stop-shop for end-to-end ERP services, the brand majorly vests its forte in tailoring and customizing solutions thereby eliminating the risk of failure of ERP implementation. Their ERP solutions are feature-rich boasting of audit trails, authorization functionality and inventory control, to name a few. The company's ERP solution named Focus I is an amalgamation of Business Intelligence tools with traditional ERP capabilities that enables users to run statistical models, analyze data, extract and generate business intelligence reports. The product also includes a customizable dashboard interface and complete data dictionary benefitting the user to execute hassle-free transactions.

Besides the ERP domain, Focus also caters to other industry pain-points with vertical specific solutions such as CRM, AIM, WMS, POS, MRP and Insta Health Solutions. Branded and framed by focus proficient and top-notch team, these solutions serve customer relationship management, academic, warehousing, retail, manufacturing and healthcare domains. The services also include content management & e-Commerce, business process consulting and solution integration.

Underlined with agility, flexibility and scalability, Focus' solutions are divided into three main categories, Entry Level, Mid-Line and Top-Line. Each and every product is crafted out with the proven expertise and ingenuity of the team of professionals. While traditional entry level solutions mainly focus on stand-alone vanilla accounting solutions, Focus' entry-level products are ideally suited for companies that are graduating into the ERP world with basic functionality of the entire ERP eco-system. Mid-line products are engineered for SME companies with more evolved processes and multiple locations. The top-line products are ideally suited to larger SME and corporate clients, with a strong emphasis on workflow authorization control, business intelligence and dashboard capabilities.

"We believe in putting the power of running organizations in today's highly dynamic and challenging business atmosphere where it belongs - IN THE HANDS OF OUR CLIENTS," proclaims Mir Ahmed Ali Khan, Co-Founder & President, Focus Softnet. In addition, this Tier-2 ERP solution vendor is known for its innovative approach of dealing with their clients and partners. "Our network of offices and partners which spans across 26 offices and our global network spread across 17 countries uniquely equips us with 'Local' expertise thereby providing customers with solutions relevant to them locally and globally, ensuring that their needs are understood and delivered 100 percent of the time without much of the requirements getting 'lost-in-translation'," addsMir Ahmed.

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