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JNR Management Resource: The Knights in the Cyber Security Crusade

Krishnendu Banerjee
Monday, September 28, 2015
Krishnendu Banerjee
Digital world incurs a massive change in resource sharing on the planet. With every file converting to bytes and stack of information uploading in cloud, digitization brings in additional value to business people are now friendlier with this new generation course of interaction through its easy worldwide access, on-the-go sharing and many more. Albeit Digital India initiative is catching fireand despite of colossal impacts on everyday life, the data that transforms into consequential resource is virtually every time left with little to no security. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Poodle, FREAK, LogJam and others that leaks memory contents and leave vacuums in the online security. To get reprieve from Data-theft, data-hijack and other web-security issues, Symantec introduced a luggage of services merging with Norton and post VeriSign's security business acquisition, it reached the pinnacle of expertise. Symantec now provides preventive measures through security certificates and antivirus programs as medicines and JNR acts as a perfect Platinum Partner and a Global Distributor offering the comprehensive security solutions.
Through Symantecs wings, data-encryption of data in motion is reaching to an embryonic caliber andsecuring websites that are the major sources of data transformation with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or commonly kenned as HTTPS. Getting along with customers requisites, Symantec issuesSSL certification with supplemental services for an exhaustive web-security-solution. Channelizing the core of this business requisite, JNR Management Resources emerged with quality consultancy servicewith Symantec through strategic decisions and implementing amendments in 2003 by Prashant Jain, a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a seasoned veteran in IT-Security.

Irons in the Fire
The ISO 9001:2008 certified JNRoffers panoply of customized business solution according to the clients needs and presents licit, financial crisis management solutions along with digital signature certificates and security solutions for e-Firms. With its inception, JNR introduced digital certificates in India with Sify and marked off as the reseller of VeriSign SSL certificates. Conversely, JNR had to face stiff challenges in order execution and support as digital certificates were Sify's third party product. With tides of e-Businesses surmounting the market, riding on the scuttle, JNRtied knots with Symantec (formerly VeriSign) to become Platinum Partner cum distributor offering the best-in-class digital security solution. Post-acquisition of VeriSign's SSL business by Symantec, it instilled free daily malware scan and optional free weekly assessment scan in the certificates. These on-the-house dispensations gasconaded JNR to provide highest grade SGC enabled certificates ascertaining a minimum 128-bit encryption and anti-phishing highest assurance Extended Validation Certificates. Through apperceiving the architecture and pain-points of the customers, this company guides its clientele on best SSL practice, industry standards and value-for-moneyoverhaul for better ROI. Prashant, the Progenitor at JNR,construes, The whole conception is not to overkill but provide value-for-money for better ROI to the customer. The entire approach is towards enhancing the customer's experience while deploying the right security catering to all types of clients. JNR's promptness, troubleshooting capabilities and confidence have registered over 99 percent of customer retention rate. Prashant integrates,We consider support team as our vertebrae. We built our fortification system afore we invested in our sales team.

Galvanizing Paladins
Every Knight of the team is Symantec SSE & SSE+ in the Website Security Solutions Division (WSSD). These coals turned diamond handle any pre-sales enquiry and provide optimized solution. The team spirit and the ability to motivate each other, yet remain a cohesive group, is the denomination of the game. These 18 Knights in the organization attend conventional webinars. Through simulation, JNR tests incipient susceptibilities, resolution and comportment. Integrating to this, the company garnishes its employees through sponsorship for technical courses to enhance their skills.
Bagging this self-motivated team, JNR is able to achieve its target every year without fail. The company has become the first million dollar partner in Southeast Asia for Symantec WSS in 2014-15. Along with the accolade, JNR received Best Collaborating Partner of Asia from Symantec in 2013. Prashant asserts, The awards and accolades, the appreciation of our good work by customers is what motivates each one of us. A plethora of people may disaccord with us but in lieu of running after targets of top-lines, one must aim for bottom-lines and the top lines follow automatically.

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