Engage Channel Partners to Help Meet Topline Revenue Objectives

Anamika Sahu
Monday, September 28, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Achieving sales target is one of the biggest quagmires for CSOs. Though in this tech era, businesses are done via internet, but to build a healthy and abiding relationship, a face to a voice is always needed. And Channel Partners play the adhesive to such liaisons and bring in in-direct sales as well that influences a significant percentage of tech companies business growth. This helps tech companies open doors to new business opportunities faster, at low cost and with lower risk.
Additionally, these channel partners prove to be a fast and effective way to penetrate new markets allowing tech companies focus on their core competencies and strategies. This is why, CSOs frequently revisit their channel strategies to build a bond with their partners who bring established local networks and are closer to the customers. However, selecting the right channel partner is crucial to future endeavors. Hence, for a successful marriage, it is imperative that companies and channel partners use the same tools to enhance efficiency.
On the other hand, it is crucial for the customers too to always get the services, product or solution from a genuine and registered channel partners. The otherwise situation would result in a drought of believe on the tech companies too. Hence, understanding the importance of these alliances, we bring to you our edition of si Channel Partners of the Year 2015. Every company listed here is chosen post an in-depth study of their past, present and future operations & opportunities.
Hope the issue fulfills its objective!
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