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Intuition Systems: A Game-Changer in Modern POS Systems

Anamika Sahu
Friday, December 30, 2016
Anamika Sahu
It is rightly said that necessity is the mother of all invention. What better to prove than Anand Asaithambi who along with his brother while setting up and operating a restaurant business couldn't identify a modern, easy to use, fully integrated all-in one POS/Billing/Data management/Payment solution at an affordable cost, themselves built India's first fully integrated Android-based touch screen POS and Billing system called IVEPOS-v1 under the banner of Intuition Systems. They tested and successfully deployed it in their own restaurant, post which the solution was extended for the benefit of other restaurants/store owners by launching IVEPOS-v2 in 2015. The success of these two products helped the startup to transform to one of the fastest growing company in POS/Payment business with a current valuation of Rs.100 crore.

Today, the company provides a complete POS/Billing solution for Restaurants and Retails at affordable prices, which requires no internet connection to work. The flagship product of the company, IVEPOS is currently in its third version - IVEPOS-v3, which aids in making payments easier and integrating card acceptance at lowest processing rates. The product is further packed with key features like Artificial Intelligence based inventory and product management, customer relationship management, intelligent reporting, marketing tools, task automation, central control for restaurant, retail chains, integrated card acceptance and much more. The cloud subscriptions further helps to provide intelligent, real-time reporting and analytics, on any device, anytime at nominal monthly charges. Intuition System's POS/Billing System is precisely crafted for any type of business from retail, to quick serve to restaurants, bars and even hospitals.

For instance, realizing while interacting with Intuition that POS solution can help speed up both training time and order processing, Manoj Parameshwari decided to use Intuition to gain a better understanding of his restaurant Fusion Bytez's performance, while using data from the restaurant to improve their sales. This not only cut their order processing time to half but also helped with reports and sales forecasting, therefore allowing Manoj to staff his restaurant more efficiently. "I have never been more efficient in my operations, and I am looking forward to all the future updates from Intuition Systems," said Manoj.

The Uniqueness

With the current POS/Billing systems being bulky, archaic, expensive and complex machines running on outdated windows software with no integration with the hardware, the recently launched IVEPOS-v3 of Intuition turns out to be a game changer. Its optimized and affordable Android platform with perfect touch screen seems to be a perfect replacement for the archaic expensive systems that most retails run on. Moreover, the IVEPOS also comes with an Artificial Intelligence based costumer data analytics, affordable price, minimal maintenance than other POS systems which makes it standout among different POS systems.

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