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Clearpath Technology:Leveraging The Prowess of the Internet

Rachita Sharma
Thursday, November 8, 2012
Rachita Sharma
Every single time one needs an opinion on a buying decision; they refer to a search engine. Be it buying a cell phone or selecting where you will have dinner tonight, almost all our decisions are affected by the results that appear on search engines. In fact almost 64.9 percent of internet users use search engines to look for a product and 55 percent of the purchases made online are through the sites that are listed at the search engine with a higher ranking. The names that appear as the top results win a large share of the market pie. But how do some websites make it to the top while the others lose? The answer is Search Engine Optimization or SEO which today is an indispensable requirement for any business. This makes the SEO a highly sought after industry. However, the technology used for SEO is one that can be grasped easily by individuals. This gives rise to a host of freelancers who do internet marketing individually thus making it an unorganized sector.

In the year 2004, a young BE student saw a vision of creating a substantially big business in this unorganized sector. Deepak Bansal is your quintessential 20 something. He is polite, motivated and looks like any other tech enthusiast. But what sets him apart from the rest is the fact that he is the founder of a unique company that is transforming the SEO industry. He founded Clearpath Technology to help businesses leverage the power of the internet. Along with his team of professionals and experts who are matchless to the other SEO service providers they analyze and develop various strategies to enhance their clients’ web presence and also help increase traffic to their website.

The seed was sown in Bansal’s mind when he realized that the internet was a growing monster. With approximately two billion people online, thousands of businesses now have an online presence. But unless their websites appear prominently on major search engines, they cannot tap into this vast community of netizens. This is where Bansal positioned Clearpath. He began doing SEO which helped search engines find and rank website higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. The company today has more than 3500 ‘happy’ clients who have benefitted from Clearpath’s technology.

The initiation

Clearpath had a modest beginning with as few as four employees but has now transformed into a market leader and employs more than 600 employees across major Indian cities, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai and now Bangalore too. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company was originally focused on SEO. With the advent of time they understood the new demands of the industry and added other tools of internet marketing to their repertoire.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:i can\'t think clear path is so progressive in SEO & Internet Marketing .may be this articles is good but sounds not good ..
Posted by: Abhishek Sinha - 23rd Nov 2012
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