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Make the Difference

Christo Jacob
Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Christo Jacob
Recently when I walked into one of the world’s largest food chain stores in Bangalore, I encountered a world class customer experience from a differently abled person in the store. This was not just my experience. He served multiple customers in very less time, and was very enthusiastic about his job.
Today most enterprises need similar employees, who are excited about their job,
where in they can provide their customers with world class customer experience.

“Someone’s weakness can be your strength.” Today most of the HR practices
in enterprises are realizing this fact, and are brainstorming on how to make the
workforce effective and monetize their weakness in favor of them. Here I am talking
about most of the IT corporations like IBM, Cisco and others who embrace the
differently abled workforce in their enterprises. Currently it’s working perfectly

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