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Cadence bullish on Semicon

ST Team
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
ST Team
The growing appetite for anything electronics — from MP3 players to Plasma display panels — across the world has changed the way we view the semiconductor industry. From a specific-application development model, semiconductor industry is shifting to a platform approach.

“The industry will grow from $226 billion in 2005 to $312 billion by 2010,” said Aurangzeb Khan, Corporate Vice President, Market Development, Cadence Design Systems Inc. Of this, the market for mobile and wireless devices and electronic industry projected to grow to $98 billion and the developers were constantly working towards packing more features on the same chip. This means there is a platform-driven approach, where more features can be built instead of each chip providing a different functionality.

Speaking at the “Cadence Technology on Tour 2006” developers meet at Bangalore, Khan said the new approach in semiconductor is centered around three broad areas of applications — the convergent mobile devices, automotive applications and home entertainment segment.
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