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The Strategic Role of Human Resource Management

Krishnakumar Hariharan
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
Krishnakumar Hariharan
Many firms approach Human Resource from a cost prospective instead of focusing on how to execute the firm’s strategy through effective utilization of their resources. The trend is typically reflected in cost per hire, number of resource requisition raised and creating a metrics for number of resumes sent to fill the requirement. In effect HR in IT is all about resource fulfillment and cost.

Human resources in our business must focus on aligning itself with the business, think about key business challenges and design an HR plan to respond to the challenges. HR metrics is about measuring and managing the linkages between the initiatives and key challenges that are strategic to the business.

Hence alignment with the business is very crucial to define the key attributes in order to enable the implementation of a competitive HR strategy. In experience those are:
1 Building and developing a competency model.
2 Very competitive and committed people.
3 Robust training model that helps get ahead of competition.

People: Strategic Assets

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