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Hybridizing The Future

Keerthana Venkatesh
Thursday, March 4, 2010
Keerthana Venkatesh
"LET’S DROP THE CONTRACT if they tell you something different from what we’ve said.” This is what Sajan Pillai, the Chief Operating Officer of U.S. Technology Resources (USTRI), tells every prospective customer who comes to evaluate their company before signing on the dotted line. He asks them to pick 15 to 20 people at their development centers at random and speak to them about the company before striking the deal.

With operations spreading from the “Big Apple” of New York to Trivandrum in “God’s own Country” of Kerala, diversifying into Europe and Malaysia, USTRI employs a hybrid global sourcing and delivery model, providing IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services through state-of-the-art facilities. Seven years into providing pragmatic IT solutions for Fortune 500 companies and other customers, USTRI combines U.S-based senior resources coalescing it with cost, scale and quality advantages for off shore operations. Says Satendra M. (Dan) Gupta, the CEO of USTRI, “For U.S. Technology Resources, excellence is a journey, not a destination. A Life committed to excellence is worth living, as it is the ecstasy of growth.”

The Big Five feel
With a singular focus of setting new standards in the outsourcing and delivery arena, USTRI has leveraged a ‘hybrid’ global sourcing and delivery model. The model uses high-end domestic resources to manage initiatives from the customer’s side, while the delivery services are led by experienced off shore experts using high standard communication methodologies.

Primarily into IT services, which is their core line of business, USTRI has spread its tentacles into the BPO and Infrastructure Management Services as well. Pillai, explains that the Hybrid model that has been adapted to all its service verticals stands nonpareil with USTRI deploying executive managements both onsite and offshore. Says Pillai, “The business and technical requirements of customers are taken care of by our project managers and architects who work onsite. They bridge the gap between the customers and the offshore development centers where our senior project leaders, software engineers and test engineers design the products.” Combining technology and domain expertise, coalescing it with cost quality and scale advantage of a traditional offshore service provider is where they create customer value and provide a Big Five feel.

USTRI’s Centers of Excellence deploy pragmatic IT solutions for customers to understand their most crucial business objectives. With emphasized focus on specific disciplines like Microsoft, .NET, Java / J2EE, testing and quality control, the company leverages into industry-leading expertise, improving competency in the current technologies and develops a knowledge foundation for the latest technological trends and methodologies.

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1:nice one
Posted by: - 17th Jun 2007
2:well done
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