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Brisa Technologies: Ensuing the Philosophy of 'Customer First'

Anamika Sahu
Sunday, July 28, 2013
Anamika Sahu
During the global economic turmoil of 2009 when several companies were on the verge of closure, Subodh Patil started his third startup Brisa Technologies. Completely fanatical to providing services in the area of embedded system software to their customers in automotive, consumer electronics, storage, media and semiconductor industries, Brisa Technologies has carved a niche for themselves in a short span of four years. Today this Bangalore based company has key Fortune 500 companies as their clients.

"As my previous two startups also catered the EDA/semiconductor space, it was a natural progression towards venturing into the niche space of providing services in the area of embedded system software. I had a clear picture of the market and its requirements and found that software was one of the major differentiator when it comes to embedded system. I started Brisa Technologies to cater this need of the market," says proud Subodh Patil, Founder & Director, Brisa Technologies. The company that started with four engineers today have over 50 engineers who serve clients like Intel Mobile Communications, Dell R&D, Cypress Semiconductors and MontaVista to name a few.

The Initial Defy

During their initial days, Brisa Technologies faced the challenges of attracting key talents and penetrating into big customers. But with their dedicated engineers who went out of the way to help the customers to make projects/programs successful created great success stories that helped the company acquire some big names as their clients. Today, they offer exceptional value to their customers through their highly competent interdisciplinary engagements and delivery teams. "While our core business practices are built around providing industry leading solutions and services to our customers, we strive to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology by fostering R&D culture in the organization," explains Patil. Through their diverse embedded systems expertise and service delivery experience, Brisa Technologies ensures rapid quality deliveries. They provide more value per dollar to their customers by providing timely and qualitative services and solutions and attain most client satisfaction through skill building, innovation and best practiced processes.

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