August-2013 issue
Cover Story
Author: Sandeep Sen
The high demand for IT services is driven by the rapid technological advances and this demand will continue to grow for many coming decades. The largely fragmented industry is host to multitudes of players making it difficult for... more>>

Company of the Month

Sudhakar Singh
The real estate sector is a major contributor towards the Indian economic growth. With the government's policy allowing Foreign... more>>

Entrepreneur of the Month

Mewanshwa Kharshiing
Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan, Co-founder & President of Magzter, noted the difficulty his friend faced in Singapore to get hold... more>>

10 Most Promising Embedded Companies in India

SI Team
Click to know about 10 Most Promising Embedded Companies in India. more>>
SI Team
With the advancement of technologies, embedded systems are slowly creeping into everyday lives. more>>
SI Team
Automation of a large variety of applications and equipments are the way forward for enterprises today to tap into the... more>>
SI Team
What started as an embedded distributor has transformed itself in over a decade to be one of the leading player in the field... more>>

Startup of the Month

Anamika Sahu
During the global economic turmoil of 2009 when several companies were on the verge of closure, Subodh Patil started his third... more>>

In My Opinion

Chetan Maini - Deputy Chairman and Chief of Technology & Strategy, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles P
"Going green and affordability do not mix", was the response given when trying to introduce clean energy cars in India. This... more>>

CIO Insights

Sunil Kunders - CIO, Arvind Lifestyle Brands
The Retail Industry in India has come forth as one of the most dynamic industries with several players entering the market. more>>
Kelly MacPherson - CIO, Burger King Worldwide
In the past few years, consumer interaction with a brand via their own mobile device has evolved at exponential rates. more>>
R. Soundararajan - CIO, Dr. Batra’s Group
Healthcare sector is undergoing new advancements and reaching new highs associating itself with technology. more>>


Anamika Sahu
Joseph Vijayam was busy running his 17 year old computer software company, Olive Technology Ltd. more>>

VC talk

Thomas Hyland - Co-Founder & Partner, Aspada Investment Advisors
Venture Capital Ecosystem in India Although there is a vibrant venture capital ecosystem in India, the market we invest in is... more>>

Venture Beat

SI Team
Robosoft Technologies, which specializes in app and game development, received Rs.22 crores in its first round of funding from... more>>
SI Team
Tabtor, an educational technology platform for tablet computers, has raised Rs.6 crores in seed round funding led by New Jersey... more>>

View Point

Sunando Banerjee - Channel Business Manager, APAC & Middle East, Openbravo
The history of Open Source, the movement and the broad philosophy, are well documented and discussed online by devotees and... more>>
Avinash K Gautam - Vice President-Security & Automation, Silvan Innovation Labs
The Internet of Things (IOT) has been a buzzword for a while now, yet it still is a mystery to most. more>>
Sridhar Ramakrishnan - Founder & CEO, Milibo
In Silicon Valley, not a day goes by without some mention of the “war for talent” that rages as companies (startup and... more>>
Raj Sabhlok - President,, ManageEngine
Every minute, 48 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube, Google search receives over 2 million queries, over one million... more>>


Christo Jacob
In the startup world there is a common saying, “You can either mine for gold or you can sell tools that miners need to mine... more>>
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