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Brainpower Technologies: Comprehensive ERP Solutions

si Team
Monday, January 2, 2017
si Team
Ajay Pathare started programming and development from his early college days. After completing his Engineering, Ajay began helping clients build software programs. In 2006, he consolidated all his development efforts of numerous years and started Brainpower Technologies as a Software product company. The company has built various enterprise products under the leadership of Ajay creating more value for Brainpower's customers. With the expansion in business and customer requirements, Ajay roped in Kashyap Trivedi, a chartered accountant by profession having 14+ years of experience to head implementation, support, business development and new product initiatives.

Brainpower got into development of custom software at a time when automation and technology in manufacturing, restaurant and amusement park business was just getting accepted and adapted. It all began with making custom solutions for the clients. The initial projects were for a large petroleum processing company, large FMCG client and a multinational pizza chain. Over the years, the company has built integrated solutions that enable enterprises to service their customers, simplify business operations, and implement best Industry practices with Insightful Business analytics & reporting.

Primarily focused to provide complete ERP solutions for Restaurants, Amusement Parks and Manufacturing companies, Brainpower strives to meet customer and business requirements on a timely basis. In addition, Brainpower also provides integrated solutions for Salons and Corporate Canteens.

To live by their commitment, the analytics and reporting team at Brainpower has adapted a cloud based analytics and reporting platform to meet dynamic analytics and reporting requirements.

Additionally, the integration team connects with other technology providers especially in the space of payment wallets, online ordering, CRM & loyalty solutions, mobile ordering, bio-metrics, IOT solutions meeting customer requirements for seamless business operation and a centralized integrated ERP solution managing the overall technology requirements. "Our core product team works on current statutory developments/requirements providing consistent inputs to technical team to release regular software updates. This leads to Brainpower ERP meeting the current statutory and compliance requirements," says Ajay Pathare, Founder & Managing Director, Brainpower Technologies.

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