Brainpower Technologies: Comprehensive ERP Solutions

Date:   Monday , January 02, 2017

Ajay Pathare started programming and development from his early college days. After completing his Engineering, Ajay began helping clients build software programs. In 2006, he consolidated all his development efforts of numerous years and started Brainpower Technologies as a Software product company. The company has built various enterprise products under the leadership of Ajay creating more value for Brainpower\'s customers. With the expansion in business and customer requirements, Ajay roped in Kashyap Trivedi, a chartered accountant by profession having 14+ years of experience to head implementation, support, business development and new product initiatives.

Brainpower got into development of custom software at a time when automation and technology in manufacturing, restaurant and amusement park business was just getting accepted and adapted. It all began with making custom solutions for the clients. The initial projects were for a large petroleum processing company, large FMCG client and a multinational pizza chain. Over the years, the company has built integrated solutions that enable enterprises to service their customers, simplify business operations, and implement best Industry practices with Insightful Business analytics & reporting.

Primarily focused to provide complete ERP solutions for Restaurants, Amusement Parks and Manufacturing companies, Brainpower strives to meet customer and business requirements on a timely basis. In addition, Brainpower also provides integrated solutions for Salons and Corporate Canteens.

To live by their commitment, the analytics and reporting team at Brainpower has adapted a cloud based analytics and reporting platform to meet dynamic analytics and reporting requirements.

Additionally, the integration team connects with other technology providers especially in the space of payment wallets, online ordering, CRM & loyalty solutions, mobile ordering, bio-metrics, IOT solutions meeting customer requirements for seamless business operation and a centralized integrated ERP solution managing the overall technology requirements. \"Our core product team works on current statutory developments/requirements providing consistent inputs to technical team to release regular software updates. This leads to Brainpower ERP meeting the current statutory and compliance requirements,\" says Ajay Pathare, Founder & Managing Director, Brainpower Technologies.

Simplifying Business Operations

Centering its brand persona on creating superior intelligent capabilities, Brainpower enables organizations to create intellectual capacity and mental ability by using its software products. It further enables organization to analyze and gain knowledge about its business situation and other functional aspects. The company\'s products enable customers to implement the best industry practices through Brainpower\'s skilled implementation and support resources.
\"Our next generation products can be integrated across other platforms, products and solutions meeting customer technology adoptions.The products can connect multiple outlets, warehouses, central production units and corporate office through a private Cloud based solution,\" informs Ajay. Brainpower solutions are available \'on premises\' as well as through \'subscription\'. The company has dedicated servers at datacentres which is used for their private cloud based ERP, cloud sync & remote back-up services.

Keeping in mind the GST implementation in India, Brainpower has formed a core product team lead by Kashyap Trivedi, Director, dedicatedly working on making Brainpower ERP GST compliant. Also, they have developed open API\'s through which Brainpower software communicates and integrates with third party technology platforms / products for online ordering, mobile ordering, wallet payments, CRM, loyalty, IOT devices and various others.

Grow, Innovate and Compete

What gives Brainpower an edge over the competitors is their ability to implement the best industry practices through skilled implementation and support team . With more than two decades of team experience, team Brainpower has insights and understanding of the best industry processes, critical control points, dynamic analytics & reporting requirements, user expectations and management perspectives that has helped to build an ERP solution that meets industry requirements. \"In each of the segments we have clients using our software for a reasonable amount of time. Each of our existing client as well as existing or past users have provided reference to new clients/users, which itself displays the adaptability of Brainpower ERP and gives us an edge over other vendors,\" he adds.

Thinking ahead of the curve to provide simple and distinct technology solutions, Brainpower envisages delivering value to the customers by building Integrated Software Solutions that will enable management to make better and faster decisions through rapid presentation of all necessary information in one place.

Key Management

Ajay Pathare, Founder & MD

Ajay leads technology development at Brainpower. Ajay started programming & development from his early college days. It is Ajay\'s dedicated effort that has built various products at Brainpower. After completing his Engineering, Ajay has been an Entrepreneur building software programs for clients.

Kashyap Trivedi, Director

Kashyap leads implementation, business development and new product initiatives at Brainpower. Kashyap is a Chartered Accountant by profession has 14+ years of professional experience. Prior to joining Brainpower, Kashyap has worked with the 5th largest accounting consulting firm BDO in India, served as a CFO for a reputed restaurant chain.


1. Existing Brainpower is operational at 450+ locations having 1500+ POS and 2000 + users.
2. Brainpower ERP was selected out of 20+ software companies who had pitched for a multi-brand chain of restaurants funded by Global Investors.
3. Brainpower is the first India POS solution approved by Papa John\'s international meeting its Gold Standard requirements. 4. Sodexo is using Brainpower Restaurant & Canteen solution exclusively for more than 25+ its key corporate locations.
5.Few of the Top brands that use Brainpower: Bajaj Almond Oil, Papa Johns Pizza, Sodexo, Krispy Kreme, Chilis, Mamagoto, Maroosh, Ohris, Upsouth, Essel world, Water kingdom, Worlds of Wonder, NoMarks, GS Caltex, Looks Salon, Strands Salon