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Best Companies to Work For - 2016

si Team
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
si Team
The workplace Darwinism is not a myth anymore; fittest organizations survive and the rest go evanescent with the millisecond revamps of consortium streamlines. The professionals have never been more complex. Work conventions are changing and this millennial is demanding not only versatile working environments, but new technologies and solutions to engage them with, an ear to recognize their ideas and make their overall job experience better.

The perks-at-work has already become the 'new norm' of employment culture and the breadwinners who prioritize a thick-wallet than his/her career has dried up long ago. The thing that moves the needle most for employees at the world's best workplaces is a strong sense of community. Comprehending this plot, organizations across the sphere, focus on these drivers of workplace greatness, as well as on building a trusting relationships that are the foundation of a strong culture. That's not just for the benefit of employees, but also for the business benefits that come from a high-trust workplace.

Joining the companies who won this game of survival will help you sprint towards your goals. Helping people to suitably choose such organizations, siliconindia identifies 'Best Companies to Work For - 2016'. An eminent panel of the industry's topmost CIOs, CEOs, HR Managers and industry analysts including siliconindia's editorial board analyzed the organization index. This painstaking research scrutinized several factors including work culture, training, pay scale & benefits, work-life balance, career opportunities, infrastructure, ambience & business practices and compared them against industry standards to ensure that they are best in class and finally led siliconindia to come up with best companies. This index is a GPS not only for professionals to choose the best company to work for, but also to help the entrepreneurs to choose the top work policies.

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