AmpleLogic: Proffering Ample Benefits & Maximum Quality at Minimal Cost

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
As digitalization has become inevitable, to fulfil their unique automaton requirements, businesses are either developing their softwares the traditional way or opt for ready-to-use softwares, which are touted to be cheap, but succumbs hefty monies for modification. On the other hand, besides consuming a dismal amount of money, the trample of traditional software development method treads down numerous potentially genius ideas, due to the long chain of command (that involves multiple stakeholders akin to project manager and architect) between the business analyst and developers during the 2-6 months deployment time.Considering the amount of time and cost it would require to change a single idea, it is safe to say that the codes are set in stone once it leaves the hand of business analyst. AmpleLogic team can deliver custom solutions at 8 times faster than Traditional IT service delivery Companies.

This is where AmpleLogic enters the picture with its No-Code Application Development Platform, which is a powerful responsive application development platform that enables configuration of complex business applications very efficiently with little help from technical teams.Cutting down the deployment time to mere three days, this platform allows business analysts to easily manage the change as the idea evolves at a very less cost, not to mention the luxury of observing how the application looks while analysts are creating it. Moreover, the platform is capable of addressing 80 percent of an organization's needs without writing a single line of code. AmpleLogic has created 25 applications and added 12 components to accommodate the validations and business logic.

Maximum Quality at Minimal Cost

"To provide the best IT Solutions to our customers, being a growing company we would like to standardize our delivery automations. Good amount of time and money was invested to build a world class No-Code development platform that helps in delivering the solutions eight times faster than traditional models with high quality," expounds Venkanna Chowdary Manne, Managing Director, AmpleLogic. Noting that it fits perfectly with packaged solutions and runs on existing infrastructure, it doesn't incurany customization cost. Moreover, AmpleLogic has priced its solutions competitively to ensure RoI within six months. With sheer focus on Pharma, IT Infrastructure & Excel Automations, AmpleLogic's team has built multiple applications on the platform.

Excel has become an integral part of professional life, but there are still many unanswered questions when it is shared among big group with multiple owners. Being a Microsoft Partner company, AmpleLogic endows its clients with MS Excel that has an automated tool features such as a centralized database that can be accessed from Excel, Secure Data Access with Active Directory, in-built workflow, role-based access, and automated emails, audit trials - all this without the help of any additional software.

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