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Altimetrik: Leveraging Customers with Enormous Opportunities

SI Team
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
SI Team
When a non banking financial company wanted to engage in rural finance services and get a quick micro solution to help the rural population it hit a wall. The challenges it encountered were that customers were unable to do daily transaction as many of them didn\'t have bank accounts, loan approvals took a lot of time, disbursements and collections costs were enormous and opening a branch would cost a lot. At this point, the Bangalore based Altimetrik came up with a solution that took down the wall. They developed a Mobile based Micro Finance solution for the loan disbursement and collection along with an option to authenticate the agent using a smart-card or biometric. It helped the financial company to achieve operational efficiency by going paperless and the micro finance company agent could act as a bank without the need to open branches.

Sufficing to the meaning of their name (Alti means height and metric signifies precision), Altimetrik provides services for design, mobile, cloud and SAP along with mobile payment and is investing profoundly in these areas. Under the leadership of Rajendra Vattikuti, the company has started bringing out high quality products for the financial sector using mobile technology.

"I truly believe that we have to consistently deliver high quality products in a short span of time which provides opportunities for the customers," says RajendraVattikuti, CEO, Altimetrik.

All this would not have been possible without Altimetrik's dedicated team who swiftly understood that they required a more agile approach and also along with harkening to their employees, they also needed to focus on the user and visualization experience. In order to deliver the products within 60 to 90 days, the design group that consist of top notch people from Apple along with other designers visualize the product through the customers eye and send it to the engineering team. "Design is Key," says Vattikuti who also states that without the proper execution, delivering high quality products as consistently they do would be impossible.

Having a strong Mobility Practice, Altimetrik has implemented several successful projects across different geographies (U.S., Africa, India and South East Asia) and industry verticals such as Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail. Several clients have leveraged the Unified Mobile Framework based solution by Altimetrik to achieve their short and long term strategic goals and needs.

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