ADROIT Law Offices: Providing a Fusion of High Performance Services with High Integrity

Rashmisree Deb
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
Legal issues in India are usually perplexing and beyond the realm of general perception. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the legal framework that often accost with general public, corporate and others. It is here that they require competent legal services and consultancy. Thus, to stand out from the crowd and deliver excellent legal services to the clients in India and abroad, ADROIT Law Offices (ALO) came into spotlight in the year 1995. ADROIT is a law firm of international repute having unparalleled reputation of operating in practice areas of litigation, corporate-joint ventures & mergers, international commercial arbitration, intellectual property and incorporation of foreign industries. The firm has spread its wings in form of Akshara Law Solutions and Adroit Legal Solutions. These two sister concerns of adroit is delivering high end legal services all over the globe and various states in India.

Result-Oriented Solutions to all Legal Problems

With the world going 'Global', globalization has changed the face of litigation in India creating immense opportunity for ALO to explore the untapped space. Thus, the firm entered the realm to deal with litigation involving high stakes and carries national and international importance. Some of the pivotal areas of the firm's litigation wing are alternate dispute resolution, appellate practice, banking & finance, business litigation, civil & criminal litigation, commercial law & taxation, international commercial arbitration, trademark & copyright, family law, human rights, labor law, international law & trade, service law, corporate practice and commercial laws. ALO has spread its wings further to offer services in the areas of foreign investments, foreign collaborations, other international business and investment oriented activities.

The firm also specializes in providing pro bono services to the community and filed number of public interest litigation before the Honble High Court of Delhi and Allahabad. It also handled complex legal problems of foreign tourist from various countries who were facing problems in India. In addition, ADROIT has a corporate wing that provides a plethora of services such as joint venture & partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, company & group restructuring, general corporate affairs, general banking business, drafting & preparing invention development agreement, trade mark & copyright agreement including participation & negotiation and registration of copyright & trademarks including protection & enforcement

The firm comprises of legal experts with rich experience dealing in national and international arbitration and conciliation. It also negotiates settlements in accordance with the matter. ALO is also involved in soliciting advice on several issues pertaining to commercial transaction, labor & administrative issues which interalia includes employment contracts, wages issues & discrimination, employment and termination matters. Today, ADROIT has imparted an impeccable place in the legal field and has an edge over other similar legal firms operating in the field.

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