8 Ways How Being a Good Friend Will Cost You

3. Jealousy

There are friends, who will be having words in favour of you to praise you and they mean it. At the same time, there are also some friends, who will never acknowledge your deeds.

They are the bunch of friends, who are very much prone to being superior. For them, even the way, they go to the grocery store is better than yours.

They are the one, who is scared of getting lost; they always try to be in the limelight.

4. The Alms Person

Starting from something ignorable to something big, your friends can ask anything from you. Every time they ask this or that, you might not feel the necessity of denying them. And you end up fulfilling their demands.

These friends might start considering you as the alms person in their lives. They are not bothered about what’s in their wish list, they only knows, you are a friend of them and you will definitely fulfill their every wish.

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