8 Ways How Being a Good Friend Will Cost You

5. Accounts Keeping

Your easy going nature might allow your friends to your bedrooms. They might not even feel important to maintain a space between your personal life and them. This is very pathetic and pretty much embarrassing too.

They might start keeping your accounts on a daily basis. How much you spent for travelling, how much is your monthly expense, balance in your bank accounts, etc. might become their hot favourite gossip.

To be on the safer side, stay away from all these free accountants!

6. The Perfectionist

Having a friend, who keeps the notion to be one of the perfectionist is not a not a big deal. In reality, they might not have any connection with perfectness, but in front of other friends they always try to prove them as one.

One has to make sure, whether to accept advices from this type of friends or not; especially in financial matters. They don’t care about the hole in your wallet; they care about how minutely you are following their financial issues.

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