8 Ways How Being a Good Friend Will Cost You

Bangalore: William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers, dramatist, playwright, poet and many more. The list of his creativity is infinite and is still popular. ‘Merchant of Venice’ is undoubtedly one of his best plays. The relation between friendship and money was very clearly and skillfully shown in this play.

There are many lessons, we should learn before mixing friendship and money. ‘LearnVest.com’ has quoted few gimmickries of friends in terms of money matters that can thicken one’s wallet.  

1. Booster

Shopping with friends is one of the common trends in the society. No matter, what we are looking for or what actually suits us, we always depend on our friends. After all, their comments and feedbacks make us feel good.

But at times, their comments and feedbacks can make us to go for the things which were not in our wish list. Their extreme positive views make us feel good and we end up paying for the unwanted stuffs and we end up with a hole in our wallet.

2. Calculating Machines

Parties are a common trend among the friends. Friends just need a reason for partying. This is one of the best parts of life.

Among the entire friend circle, there exist one or two friends, who think themselves to be the next management guru or the upcoming economics expert.

They appreciate others’ parties and also take equal part in them. But when their turns come, they start calculating each and every penny. They even count the pieces of cookies or pastries his/her friends had.

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