5 Riskiest Places To Swipe Your Debit Card

#Shady Looking ATMs

 Keeping the security perspective, all ATMs are installed with cameras but at times ATM skimmers install hidden cameras that could read both your debit card number as well as the ATM PIN you’ve just entered. The scammers will use your number, and once they end up making magnetic strips, it becomes very easy for the thieves to produce ATM cards.

There have been cases recorded where fraudsters get into the ATM, immediately after a person leaves doing his transactions and lock a key in the machine that makes him misuse from your account.

#Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Many hotels, Malls and restaurants or coffee shops that offers free Wi-Fi have unsecured wireless connection, so when it comes to make payments of your bills using your debit card, there are some crooked hackers waiting for such moment so that they can easily hack and scam to log on and steal your data.

Make sure you are using password protected wireless signal to pay your bills and shop so that these wicked hackers have very less chance of hacking in your password and accounts.

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