5 Riskiest Places To Swipe Your Debit Card

BANGALORE: Not everywhere and every time we can carry heavy cash, swiping your card appears slightly easy at times. But at times, this swiping business might leave you in losses, now it depends what kind of card you carry whether it is credit card or debit card.

The debit cards are directly attached to your current account whereas credit cards are a credit facility that lets you buy instantly and pay for the same at a later date. Most of the consumers will choose to make use of debit cards in order to avoid accumulating credit card debt. However, even after making such decisions, is your money safe?

So let’s discuss about the debit cards and what kind of losses could occur from the use of debit card at some places.

#When you are a New Customer

Do not trust any retail shop or online store just on one time basis, i.e. on the first purchase or say until you get familiar with the store and assured that they are not playing any dirty tricks with your debit card.

Even at the purchase of electronic appliances it’s advisable to use credit card and skip the debit card as credit cards offer their warranty protection for your purchases when you and your debit card are unaware of various fraudulent charges.

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