Is Your 4 Crore Saving Worth For Future?

BANGALORE: Every now and then we come across push messages directing get pension of 50, 000 per month by depositing just 5, 000 every month. The plan appears to be cool at once, as it secures your future.

But have you ever wondered that when your retirement will come, (say probably 30 years from now, at the age of 60), how much your 50, 000 will be equal too? It will equivalent to 9,212 for a 35-year-old and 18,122 a month for a 45-year-old person. Surprised?

 It’s like 1 crore will be equal to 36 lakhs approximately. Now what can be done in that undesirable situation?

Even though you save 4 crore, it’s not enough for future. All you need to do is start saving small amount from now on or say some amount of money every day.

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