Coreium: Modernising Legacy Systems to Deliver Composable Border Free Banking

Niraj Sanghavi, Founder & CEO

Coreium was founded with need to address a significant gap in the ever-evolving banking landscape– the need for modern-cost-efficient tech solutions and a scarcity of fintech talent who could seamlessly bridge the gap between banking and new generation technologies. This led to embark on a journey in 2021 to establish Coreium, with a vision to contribute to the fintech market and address these critical gaps.

In just two and a half years, Coreium has evolved into a fully operational services company, successfully serving clients across the Southeast Asia region. As it steps into this year, it is gearing up to unveil the launch of its platform, a testament to their commitment to innovation and growth.

Coreium has been shaped by the teams unwavering dedication to staying ahead of the curve. The banking sector’s landscape is a paradox – rapidly evolving user demands against the reliance on outdated legacy systems. This disconnect necessitates a radical technology transformation to bridge the gap, fuel efficiency, and deliver sophisticated customer experiences and new business models.

In the midst of this transformational surge, Coreium emerges as a catalyst, transforming challenges into opportunities. Its collaborative services and innovative solutions empower clients to thrive in today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive marketplace.
At the heart of its strategy lie three foundational pillars: Breaking Legacy Barriers, Composable & Embedded Platforms, and Border-Free Business Services.

Coreium’s deep-rooted technology expertise empowers financial institutions to redefine their technology strategies, modernize platforms, and drive cost-efficiency. Its services range from thought leadership to tailored advisory services, reflecting their commitment to strategic alignment.

Beyond implementing cutting-edge tools, Coreium prides itself on offering comprehensive testing, automation, and software engineering services. Its technical prowess shines when it empowers clients to build digital platforms and cloudnative infrastructures with endto- end automation, dramatically enhancing delivery speed and costefficiency.

“At Coreium, we not only bridge technology gaps but also enhance our clients’ internal competencies. We run strategic initiatives designed to guide long-term clients towards modern software design and architecture,” says Niraj Sanghavi, Founder and CEO of Coreium.

Coreium’s upcoming composable and embedded platform, currently in development, symbolizes its commitment to tailor-fit solutions for each client’s ecosystem. It’s a dedicated development team’s brainchild, driving product excellence by commercializing each solution’s capability independently. This agility empowers clients to unite or plug in individual features with their existing ecosystem, all within a costefficient cloud infrastructure.

Beyond this, Coreium envisions border-free banking capabilities through B2B services that harness the power of open banking. Its aim is to enable global banking experiences that transcend geographical boundaries.
These pillars collectively empower banking entities to achieve three vital elements of success – shedding legacy systems, building exceptional capabilities, all while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Guiding these principles across all its engagements is Coreium’s hands-on management team, seasoned in banking and financial technology. This expertise guarantees accountability for deliverables, projects, and implementations.

At Coreium, we not only bridge technology gaps but also enhance our clients' internal competencies

Coreium’s success stories underscore their ability to transcend expectations. From transforming non-production environments to consolidating technology for a complete digital platform on the cloud, from leading comprehensive test transformations to driving performance and reliability engineering projects – Coreium’s expertise is unparalleled.

Coreium’s journey thus far, marked by a forward-thinking approach grounded in understanding industry dynamics, positions Coreium to carve a distinctive niche in the FinTech sector. As it moves forward, Coreium is committed to attracting more banking and financial organizations through it’s exceptional services and products.

Coreium’s narrative is one of innovation, partnership, and transformation. Its story is not just about technology; It’s empowering organisation to reimagine financial services.