CIMET: Spearheading Change through Unified Comparison Platform

Raj Jain, Co-Founder

CIMET is a pioneering utility comparison and management system provider that reshapes the Australian solutions market. The company enables reputed brands in the energy, internet, mobile, and solar sectors to offer an online solution that simplifies the process of comparing standardized products. It recognized the need to provide businesses and their customers with a versatile online platform to compare products within different categories.

The CIMET comparison platform enables brands to boost their customer engagement and loyalty by helping consumers inquire about energy, mobile, broadband, or solar products from various retailers. This method helps guarantee the customer’s robust participation and overall contentment, allowing them to discover products per their requirements, resulting in potential financial benefits.

“Our customer-centric approach differentiates us. Our utility platform excels in customization, simplicity, and user experience, making it unmatched in the market,” says Raj Jain, co-founder of CIMET.
CIMET provides independent, unbiased product information to ensure customers are not exposed to sponsored content, third-party links, or unnecessary complexities. This digital platform allows consumers to easily apply for their desired products within a few clicks. It also helps partner businesses customize design elements to match their branding preferences and style guides. The mutually beneficial scenario benefits retailers by increasing transaction volumes while partners forge stronger customer relationships. CIMET's dedication to compliance and quality assurance has bolstered its adaptability to changing needs and enabled it to navigate the market effectively.

Since 2017, the CIMET team’s expertise and dedication have been validated through a series of extraordinary achievements. One of its notable achievements is when iSelect, a highly reputed brand in the Australian comparison space, invested in the company in 2022 to accelerate the development and provision of comparison infrastructure for products like home internet and mobile services.

ShopBack, a well-known rewards and loyalty company, further demonstrates the significant boost in revenue made possible by leveraging CIMET's comparison ecosystem. ShopBack’s journey has been outstanding as a tier-one CIMET partner. The platform created for them enables consumers to seamlessly compare energy and broadband products from various suppliers while maintaining their unique brand identity, including colors, logos, and messaging.
The partnership’s success stems from CIMET’s careful attention to marketing collateral and expenses. In the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the client facilitated approximately 4,900 sales through the CMS platform, generating revenue of $392,000.

To support its strategic expansion efforts in Sydney and Jaipur, CIMET has placed a significant emphasis on strengthening vital departments, including product development, quality assurance, and human resources. This focus has led to the development of new products for CIMET's partners, enabling them to offer additional services with increased efficiency.

At CIMET, our customer-centric approach sets us apart. Our utility platform excels in customization, simplicity, and user experience, making it unmatched in the market

Recently, CIMET has ventured into the solar panel comparison market, leveraging the same infrastructure that has proven successful in energy, broadband, and mobile services. Looking forward, they foresee substantial growth with the establishment of a new cutting-edge office in Jaipur, India. In preparation for entry into the multinational comparison market, the company intends to diversify beyond utilities into financial services and insurance.