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March-2011  issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy
In anticipation of wedding – just over a month away – 26-year-old Nyla is excited. But she is equally overwhelmed: being an Indian-American, she dreams of having a traditionally-styled wedding -- from the bridal arrangements to her... more>>
In My Opinion
Manish Jha
How to find relevent information in the digital age The Internet is everywhere. On TVs, phones, computers, even... more>>
10 Most Promising IT Services Companies
Vimali Swamy
United Business Media Information (UBMi), a leading Media and Publishing company, has five different platforms — UBM Live,... more>>
Cover Feature
Hari Anil
When being pulled down by a crisis and it is almost impossible to move forward, the easiest thing to do is to give up and... more>>
CIO Insights
Jaya Smitha Menon
Guru Vasudeva, is the SVP and CIO of Nationwide. As the CIO, Vasudeva provides IT leadership and support for a number of... more>>
Rear View
Jaya Smitha Menon
Business is built on relationships When I was the President of FedEx in Canada, there was an interesting opportunity to be... more>>
VC talk
Rishi Taparia
As the social network continues to expand, the world continues to shrink. Thanks to the innovation that has taken place over... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Ray Newal
I started Jigsee several years ago because I saw a shift occurring in the way people consume content. The fundamental shift as... more>>
Rajesh Varrier
Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics has stormed into the everyday functioning of an IT organization today. One of the key... more>>
Eureka Bharali
The Ferrari whooshed across the Lamborghini and there comes the hit point – it’s the Jackpot - Oh yes, it’s the undying... more>>
Amit Chatterjee
Leadership, to my mind, is a very personal construct. Different leaders do different things both in terms of behavioral conduct... more>>
Pad N Swami
These are difficult and turbulent times. Market is opening up and growing rapidly globaly and locally everywhere. Market... more>>
Nitin Mittal
As businesses emerge from the economic downturn, they have increased their focus on making the most of customer insights and... more>>
Rajeev Ranjan
Formal verification for IC design has a long and interesting history spanning several decades. For many years it was seen more... more>>
Prakash Grama
Changing Industry Demographics One of the most impacted industries worldwide during the recent financial meltdown was the... more>>
Rajesh Sinha
Traditionally, the culture of ‘conservatism’ and the ‘governance’ or ‘independence’ of Universities has created... more>>
Krishna Prabhakar
Your IT team sees people in hallways; conference rooms; sitting outside the building—and they’re all using a mobile device.... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Cooliris, a visual browsing application developer, raises $9.6 Million from third round of funding from existing investors... more>>
si Team
San Francisco based Meraki, a by-product of a research project at MIT in 2006 secured an additional $15 million investment led... more>>
In Focus
si team
The Central Business District (CBD) of Nariman Point is the sixth most expensive office location in the world. In a study... more>>
si Team
India has the fourth largest foreign exchange reserves and this has helped the nation to tide over global financial crisis,... more>>
si Team
Indian IT Service firms might just be in for a merry ride as the U.S. government has decided to cut more than $61 billion from... more>>
SI Team
On account of increased demands of Indian engineering, chemicals, gems and jewellery, and leather products the country’s... more>>
Editor's Desk
Christo Jacob
In India, if you ask most politicians about IT, they say, “We are not interested in IT.” May be they still believe that it... more>>