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July-2007  issue
Cover Story
Author: Priya Pradeep
Who says we live in a digital world?” questions Ravi Subramanian, President and CEO of Berkeley Design Automation, a company that thinks and breathes analog. He explains, “As the world gets digital the paradox is that there is... more>>
Cover Feature
Jay Boddu
A robust growth in global mobile subscribers and revenues, along with transition to next generation cellular technologies that... more>>
Bhasker Sharma
Over the last couple of years, many of us have begun feeling as if “security” is the only issue of concern we hear about.... more>>
Vivek Sharma
Indians Stand Apart in Competence There is a general notion among many that foreign companies come to India due to a cost... more>>
Social Entrepreneurship
Gunjan Sinha
Many of the successful Indian entrepreneurs of the 90’s who spurred the economic boom in the Silicon Valley, and spread... more>>
si Team
Nick Desai, Co-founder & Chairman Juice Wireless Founded in 2004, Los-Angeles based Juice Wireless is focused on delivering... more>>
Shekar Dasgupta
Much has been written about the subject of Data Protection & Privacy. A number of scholarly works have been published in the... more>>
Mobile Testing
Jaya Smitha Menon
If someone in Silicon Valley is building a mobile application for global deployment, how does he test the application on a... more>>
Inventors Corner
Ash Tankha
What criteria must an idea meet to qualify for a patent? What is the benchmark for evaluating whether an invention is new and... more>>
India Development Center
Jaya Smitha Menon
Connecting people symbolizes Nokia. Today it commands a leadership position—with a 42 percent market share—in the Indian... more>>
In Focus
si Team
Arun Sarin is back in news. This India born CEO of Vodaphone took home a whopping sum of $33 million as salary in the financial... more>>
si Team
Rishad Premji, the eldest son of Wipro Chairman Azim Premji, is slated to join the IT bellwether by mid-July. Rishad will join... more>>
si Team
Indian companies invested over $2 billion in the US in 2006-07 and completed a total of 48 deals with the firms in there, says... more>>
si Team
Bala Krishnamurthy, founder and CEO of Aeolean Inc is a real source of inspiration. This Indian American has become the first... more>>
si Team
The Internet plays a significant role in the life of Asian Americans, including Indian Americans, with 90 percent going online... more>>
si Team
Synopsys, a semiconductor design software company, has acquired ArchPro Design Automation. The terms of the deal are not... more>>
How I Got Where I am Today
Michael Paulraj
An Appetite for Change Swapping one role for another has been Ganesan’s hallmark since the very beginning. On completion of... more>>
Aritra Bhattacharya
Ramneek Bhasin took a rather cognitive view of his children’s behavior. 21 and 14, his daughter and son are part of the... more>>
Michael Paulraj
It was in 1994 that Shantanu Prakash started the company Educomp Solutions Ltd to help schools set up computer labs, taking... more>>
Editor's Desk
Pradeep Shankar
It was during my days in plus 12, about 12 years back, when I had bought my first personal computer. It was an Intel 486... more>>
Last Word
Tracy Ann Curtis
When I started working as the diversity and inclusion leader, one of my managers came up to me and said “Tracy Ann I don’t... more>>