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August-2010  issue
Cover Story
Author: Christo Jacob
‘Action is eloquence’ and Bobby Srinivasan, President and CEO, Roamware is proving it just right by showcasing India not only capable of body shop business but also can be armed to build smart global product company. Srinivasan, who... more>>
In My Opinion
Rajat Mohanty
Mine has been a relatively short journey as an entrepreneur so far. It’s been just over a decade since we started our company... more>>
CEO Spot Light
Kailash Ambwani
As organizations begin to explore the possibilities of federation to realize the full potential of Unified Communications (UC),... more>>
Anjan Ghosal
The change in the communications sector has been remarkable in the past 5 years. The major reason for this is convergence of... more>>
VC talk
Dharmesh Thakker
Cleantech 1.0 from 2004-08 was dominated by solar and bio-fuel startups, founded by semiconductor and biotech execs in many... more>>
Rajiv Kumar
The mobile space is going through unprecedented activity and innovation. This momentum reminds me of the explosion in the... more>>
Prathapan Sethu
SMBs and startups are the engines of growth in advanced economies. The Fortune 500 companies will continue to dominate IT... more>>
David D'Souza
Adoption of the personal computer by businesses has been credited with 30 to 60 percent growth in U.S. personal productivity in... more>>
Y K Maheshwari
Last few years have seen a new developer community bursting on the horizon with development of applications happening over... more>>
Mohan Hebbar
Three billion – that is the estimated number of cell phones in the world by the end of 2010. That number excludes other types... more>>
Neeraj Vyas
It is a game where hundreds of billions of dollars are table stakes. The question is who owns customer loyalty and mindshare... more>>
Juby Thomas
Crisis is all pervasive, so is crisis management. The art of management has become part and parcel of our everyday life, be it... more>>
Bill Emmet & Atwell Williams
Today, practically every CIO is looking for ways to increase the value of his or her IT organization, while also maintaining or... more>>
Entrepreneur 101
Gunjan Sinha
It is critical for entrepreneurs to build an organizational culture which can help build enduring and successful companies. How... more>>
CIO Profile
Vimali Swamy
A computer applications postgraduate from Delhi University and an MBA from Bradley University, he is well aware of both the... more>>
VC Chakra
By SI Team
Zenprise, a provider of enterprise mobile management and device management software company, has secured $9 million in new... more>>
By SI Team
Pardeep Kohli founded Mavenir Systems has recently secured $13.6 million in a fourth round of funding from North Bridge Venture... more>>
In Focus
SI Team
With an aim of equipping every Indian student with a laptop, the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry’s effort to bring... more>>
SI Team
India-born Gururaj Deshpande, Chairman of the Bangalore-based Tejas Networks, A123, and Akshaya Patra, once said, “India is a... more>>
SI Team
The Think Tank Initiative has selected nine Indian think tanks or independent policy research institutions to receive $9... more>>
SI Team
Climbing four notches up, India has been ranked the ninth most attractive investment destination in 2009 with a total foreign... more>>
SI Team
Diwaker Vaish is busy fine-tuning his three humanoid robots that will participate in the event to be hosted by the Federation... more>>
SI Team
Villages in Bihar have been lifted out of darkness with an uninterrupted, self sufficient power supply and the credit for this... more>>
Editor's Desk
Christo Jacob
Globalization and outsourcing are the important elements of any business in any country. Both globalisation and outsourcing... more>>