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April-2015  issue
Cover Story
Author: Durgesh Prakash
When Aryaka was founded in 2009, cloud computing was just beginning to pick up momentum within the enterprise. Yet, Aryaka saw a major opportunity to disrupt the business class networking space. By moving expensive, complicated... more>>
20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers 2015
SI Team
Cloud computing is one of the biggest disruptive trends to have hit the technology space in the past decade, only poised to... more>>
SI Team
Company Management Description... more>>
Vinod Reddy, -Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions
With little or no barrier of entry in adopting the cloud technology, companies now, are deploying numerous SaaS applications,... more>>
SI Team
Cloud enabled Solutions and Big Data are two big disrupters in the current technology-driven era. However, both these trends... more>>
Rajeev Khanolkar -President and CEO, SecurView
Today, cloud and mobility are at the forefront of every business. The industry plans to utilize these technologies to improve... more>>
Shahin Pirooz, Chief Technology Officer, RiverMeadow Software
Over the past decade, greenfield applications being developed in the cloud have garnered much attention. As enterprises think... more>>
Sumeet Sabharwal, General Manager, Navisite
The cloud movement is in full force.Adoption levels are rising, with a focus on helping IT leaders manage changes in the... more>>
Ananth Avva, Chief Financial Officer, LiveOps
The role of a Chief Financial Officer, especially in mid-market size companies, continues to evolve rapidly beyond the... more>>
Manish Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Liaison Technolgies
IDC now forecasts that we will generate 44 zettabytes of data by 2020. That number is hard for most people to even comprehend.... more>>
Milind Karnik, SVP- Global Engineering, QLogic Corporation
A key trend emerging within the overall cloud infrastructure is a dramatic move towards commodity hardware. With infrastructure... more>>
Vivek Jain, SVP of the Technology and Manufacturing Group (TMG), Maxim Integrated
New technology drives change, and semiconductors have been at the forefront of these changes since the integrated circuit was... more>>
Luke Walling, VP & GM of SMB, Avast Software
Security threats are evolving quickly, making it difficult to pinpoint just one threat that is currently affecting small and... more>>
Anil Chakravarthy, -EVP & CPO, Informatica
Despite all the metaphors of cloud computing being a lofty topic, the reality is that in many organizations, cloud solutions... more>>
Rajesh Ramchandani, Chief Technology Officer, CumuLogic
For most enterprises, cloud adoption has been a process and a journey; many have spent the last few years understanding the... more>>
Badri Rajasekar, Chief Technology Officer, TokBox
Cloud continues to be one of the hottest topics in the technology space, but it encapsulates a raft of innovations and emerging... more>>
Pankaj Malhotra, SVP- Engineering, ShoreTel
Nothing has transformed the IT arena over the past couple of years as cloud computing has. The traditional tried and trusted... more>>
Puneet Jetli - President & Co-CEO, HappiestMinds
Automation has been the core focus surrounding the IT systems over the past 20 years. The whole focus of these IT systems was... more>>
Mick Shah, SVP- Technical Services, Dataprise
Today, we witness the evolution of several companies through cloud platform. While starting a new firm you need an IT... more>>
Entrepreneur's Corner
NaveenBisht -Co-founder, Auriss Technologies
Many of us touch great product experiences every day. Apple is first and foremost the king of hardware design and have made... more>>
In Focus
SI Team
Eleven influential Indian- American investors feature in Forbes magazine's annual list of the 100 best venture capitalists. The... more>>
SI Team
Three Indian-Americans were among the students who met U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House after winning medals in... more>>
SI Team
American Council on Education (ACE), the chief coordinating body for colleges and universities in the u.s, has elected Renu... more>>
SI Team
A number of Indian Americans have been conquering political heights in America. Their Influential personality combined with... more>>
Venture Chakra
SI Team
It is only been four months since Highfive's video conferencing units have been available, but already the company is seeing... more>>
SI Team
Nextdoor just became the latest private tech company to join the swelling ranks of the billion-dollar valuation club. The San... more>>
SI Team
Reltio, the enterprise data-driven applications and modern data management company, founded by the team behind Informatica MDM,... more>>
SI Team
Steelwedge, the leader in cloud supply chain planning and sales and operations planning (S&OP) solutions, today announced that... more>>