October-2016 issue
In My Opinion
Author: Todd Peters, CEO, BrightVolt
Finally, the Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to mature, having a direct, positive impact on our homes, our cars, our world and even our own bodies. more>>

Company Spotlight

Sujit Vasudevan
Over the years, the advancement of technology has made its impact across the industry verticals, wee or vast. The global... more>>

Company of the Month

si Team
The Indian government has set a target of generating 40 GW by 2020 on the distributed solar segment, which translates into a... more>>
Anamika Sahu
Water utilities, governments and OEMs are increasingly exploring the application of smart metering to water systems to extract... more>>

20 Most Promising Energy & Utility Solution Providers - 2016

si Team
"The stone-age did not end for lack of stone, and the oil-age will end long before the world runs out of oil."- Sheikh Ahmed... more>>
si Team
Renowned for its superior client service, the company works with its clients to constantly improve its offerings and share... more>>
si Team
A sparkling move from government of India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has given a new life to our country's most renowned caption -... more>>
si Team
Still in India, the grapples of schoolboys in countryside are not the uneasy math formulas and multiplex chemical molecules,... more>>
si Team
Towards the end of 2015, world's largest renewable energy developer, SunEdison was pursuing a partner to execute a 770 kWp... more>>
si Team
Going with the old school method, we either service equipment too early (waste of money), or only when it fails (costs more)... more>>
si Team
Max Bupa Health Insurance was not ready to give away the project of deploying a rooftop solar canopy over their Delhi... more>>

Real Estate Awards

si Team
siliconindia, an 18-year old media house which serves as a trustworthy source of information for professionals in India and the... more>>

CXO Insights

Steve Platt, Executive VP - Fraud & Identity, Analytics and Decision Software, Experian
The fraud landscape is always changing at a faster pace than ever before. But with today's sophisticated solutions in hand you... more>>
Anurag Garg, VP – Solar, Schneider Electric India
Based upon ambitious targets in renewables, India is increasing its total installed capacity in solar and wind energy via... more>>
Ambika Sharma, Founder, Pulp Strategy
Do you give flyers and pamphlets a thorough read, or check out each and every promotional email that you receive? Have you sat... more>>

CEO Insights

Vikram Dileepan, Founder & CEO, Solar Town
The Indian government has established a target of 40 GW in solar rooftop installations by 2022. Given the inherent power... more>>
Sam Thomas, MD, Golden Baritone
Remember the highest grosser of 2016 Bahubali- The Beginning and the visual grandeur of the magnum opus in almost every scene,... more>>
Rahul Garg, Founder & CEO, Moglix
Start-up ecosystem in India has seen an unprecedented growth in the last five years, particularly in the technology sector. Due... more>>
Punit Thakkar, Director & CEO, Shivaami Cloud Services
Manufacturing organizations are not shying away from embracing cloud computing. In fact, they find unique benefits from... more>>

VC Talk

Sushanto Mitra, Founder, Lead Angels Network
That India is a land of wealth and opportunities is now a fact few will dispute. Yet India continues to be a country where lack... more>>


Anamika Sahu
It's been 70 years of India's independence and a major chunk of this world's second largest populated nation still either has... more>>
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