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Oriano Solar: Bringing in That Mint-Factor for Indian Solar Industry

si Team
Sunday, November 6, 2016
si Team
Towards the end of 2015, world's largest renewable energy developer, SunEdison was pursuing a partner to execute a 770 kWp solar project for Amway. This massive project forecasted to truncate 23,100 tons of CO2 in 25 years while producing over 12 Lakh units year-over-year, is one of the largest non-penetrative rooftop plant in our subcontinent. Among many organizations strived, an Indian pristine, Oriano Clean Energy Pvt. Ltd. (Oriano Solar), could convince SunEdison and bag its maiden project. The plant commissioned in January 2016 was spread across two and half acres of rooftop with an intend to save over Rs. 30 Lakhs annually for Amway.

This sparkling prelude became a blessing for the organization to execute 25+ projects within short period of establishment, across six states in India with leading players of versatile verticals, such as Cipla, Amway, Honda, HPCL, SunEdison, HAL, Tata Communications and Reliance Infra. The caliber to come up with customized solar solutions works as the mint-factor for this entity and benefits a competitive edge in the market.

The Underrated Opportunities

However, the myth about solar energy has been the economic perspective that even acted as a stumbling block for the organizations to come and leverage the segment. But thanks to the Central Government of India that recently enlarged the solar mission capacity target by five times to 100,000 MW by 2022, the expenses have come down below grid prices in many states. This turnaround worked as a spark for the trio Sachin Jain (CEO), Yeshwant Rao (MD) and Sameer Shah (Chairman) to incorporate Oriano Solar in June 2015. "The current environment has become very conducive for solar energy growth. Oriano is presenting innovative business solutions where the cost of solar power to the end-consumer is cheaper than their electricity bill," proclaims Sachin.

"Oriano works with clients/developers as turnkey EPC solution provider where our scope is right from identifying land, transmission line and approvals to turnkey solar EPC installation along with O&M," adds Sachin. The company recently assisted developers to win 140 MW of solar project in recent solar bidding in 2016 as a pre-bid EPC partner. On the other hand, Oriano is a boon to worker society (including females) at the grassroot level pan India with 500+ workers currently working at one single project site in a remote village in Karnataka.

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