June-2007 issue
Guru Speak
Author: Gunjan Sinha
Gunjan Sinha talks about the necessity of demecrotization of entrepreneurship and taking it to the “long tail” of the human population. more>>

People Manager

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Some reasons for many people managers’ hesitation to manage marginal or non-performance. more>>


Benny Augustine
Today, the corporate world across sectors is facing the talent squeeze syndrome. The challenge is not a dearth of a skilled... more>>

Sage Speak

Dan Crain
There is a paradigm shift in the role of CTOs. From merely being persons who set technology directions to their companies,... more>>
Anilesh Seth
In order to provide proper customer service, a company must understand its customer and do everything possible to meet or... more>>


Gerard Rego
Gerard Rego talks about software industry's new phase of growth, opportunity and disruption. more>>
Venkat Pulella
The transition from a techie to a manager can be traumatic, but with a little effort towards learning management, the whole... more>>
Monika Sane
Ten ways to improve ourselves in project execution. more>>
Christo Jacob
You need not cringe every time a bitter experience with your previous boss flips past your memory. On the contrary, identifying... more>>
Aritra Bhattacharya
The past six months have seen quite a few acquisitions and public offerings in the technology space, and therein an opportunity... more>>

How I Got Where I am Today

Aritra Bhattacharya
The Director of Product Development at Razorsight Gautam Shyamantak talks about how weekly status calls with his parents have... more>>

Woman Achiever

Priya Pradeep
Meenakshi explodes the myth of a staid, unsmiling and intensely ‘cross-browed’ quality professional – her imagination is... more>>

Tech Recruiters

Priya Pradeep
The job interview holds the key to landing a good .NET job. Tips on how to ace the interview more>>

Movers and Shakers

ST Team
Anil Gupta, newly appointed managing director of ARM India takes over from Guru Ganesan, who now moves to a larger role within... more>>
ST Team
Rajesh Hukku moves to the U.S. to maneuver the Oracle Financial Services GBU; he has been replaced by N.R.K. Raman as MD and... more>>
ST Team
Biju Zachariah now moves into skills assessment company Merit Trac as the Vice-President of Sales (IT/BPO) more>>

Tech Buzz

ST Team
Aperto Networks and NXP Semiconductors upgrading their India centers, IIT Kanpur developing robot for Chandrayan-II, Sun Micro... more>>

Cover Story

Aritra Bhattacharya
India is now happening, hot; her market waiting to be courted, cajoled and conquered. The key to doing that is through... more>>

Cover Feature

Aritra Bhattacharya
IBM’s India Research Lab is at the forefront of creating the 3-D internet experience, responding to client calls for... more>>
Priya Pradeep
At present, only 37 million people in India have access to the Internet as opposed to over 600 million that have access to TVs.... more>>
Christo Jacob
Scientists at Motorola Labs in Bangalore believe that next wave in communications will be created by blending the mobile world... more>>
Aritra Bhattacharya
Researchers at MSR sleep on their jobs, factor in philosophy while framing questions, reciprocate to queries relating to their... more>>


Ninad Karpe
Leadership has much in common with the art of wine making, says Ninad Karpe, Managing Director (India SAARC), CA more>>

In Focus

ST Team
Read all about IT major's salary hikes, Master Claas series and Piracy down and losses double. more>>

Editor's Desk

Pradeep Shankar
Economic activity of any nation has a direct correlation to its scientific research and in particular IT research more>>

Last Word

Bjorn Krylander
In India, people are unwilling to let themselves get off their keyboards. They have no direct engagement with the management... more>>
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