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April-2006 issue
Women in IT
Author: Priya Pradeep
Introducing a new column-Women in IT. A column that journeys you into the world of women and the role they play in IT industry. more>>

Company Profile

Priya Pradeep
Intuit is the place to work. Why- read on. more>>
Imran Shahnawaz
FCG is a healthcare software provider. To see what makes it healthy, read on. more>>

Manager You Need to Know

Priya Pradeep
Making its debut from this month is the new column: Manager You Need to Know. Read what managers of diverse IT companies have... more>>

Jobs in U.S.

Sanjeev Jain
Continuing with the Jobs in the U.S. series, this month we are profiling job opportunities for .NET professionals in the U.S. more>>

HR Strategy

Ashwin Krishna
The need to further one’s career tends to inculcate a spirit of wanderlust amongst employees. more>>

HR Speak

Imran Shahnawaz

Sage Speak

Tech Tempermeter

Imran Shahnawaz
Tech tempermeter that blows everybody's fuse. more>>

Movers and Shakers

Cover Story

Pradeep Shankar
Symantec’s R&D center in Pune is seeing an orbital shift—from turning technical innovation to customer relevant innovation. more>>

Cover Feature

Sanjeev Jain
Open Source is attracting VC attention. Be the first to grab their attention. more>>
Sandeep Giri
Business Intelligence (BI) software products, open source or not, mainly focus on the developers and system integrators... more>>


Sri Hosakote
Innovation is one of those words that we all use. However, it is often confused with the term “Invention.” more>>
Imran Shahnawaz
The IT industry's latest craze is to align with the universities. How good is it for the techies? Read on. more>>


Sharad Sharma
Indian IT Services folks have done a great job of explaining how the India-centric global delivery model is cheaper, faster and... more>>


Harish Revanna
Shanker Annaswamy talks about his leadership skills and what makes him different from the crowd. more>>

In My Opinion

Krishna Bharat
Exploration is the best way to succeed as a company as Krishna Bharat says. Read on to know further. more>>


Shankar Iyer
There are few individuals on this planet that have had the opportunity to create history. more>>
Sanjeev Jain
Working late? You are not alone. Read what the ilk has has to say. more>>

In Focus

ST Team
Innovation is addictive and flows from what one is passionate about. This message came out strongly at the Innovation Summit... more>>
ST Team
Dell, the world’s largest PC maker, plans to double its workforce in India to 20,000 over the next three years, according to... more>>
ST Team
The IT employees of the City laughed away with increases in salary far higher than the national average during 2005. more>>
ST Team
With 250 telecom subscribers, India is on its way to becoming a huge market for Texas Instruments. more>>

Editor's Desk

Last Word

Gopa Periyadan
Gopa Periyadan speaks about the EDS revolution in India and how can that change the face of EDS in India. more>>
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