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August-2015  - Special issue
Cover Feature
Author: SI Edu Team
Gartner has already predicted that India will be the third largest IT market in Asia/Pacific by 2016. The projected demand for trained IT professionals is estimated at over 4 lakhs per year. While the business grows, the need for... more>>

SI Training Providers of the Year 2015

SI Edu Team
The market for SAP cloud and software business in India is reported to grow to over $2 Billion by the end of 2015 Q4. The... more>>
SI Edu Team
The worldwide ICT spending is set to reach $3.8 trillion in 2015, a 2.4 percent increase from 2014, according to Gartner.... more>>
SI Edu Team
Data scientists are one of the most desirable professionals in the 21st century business landscape, owing to the exponential... more>>
SI Edu Team
Software testing budgets are on the rise, especially in the sectors of energy & utilities (E&U) and transportation, these... more>>
SI Edu Team
The professional training arena in India, a highly fragmented market, is riddled with endless variety of training & coaching... more>>
SI Edu Team
Ethical Hacking is one of the most coveted jobs in the security industry with Information security spending forecasted to grow... more>>
SI Edu Team
SiliconIndia caught up with Keshava Raju, Group MD & CEO, IIHT, a first-generation entrepreneur who established IIHT at the... more>>
SI Edu Team
The technology industry witnessed numerous high profile-organized security breaches in the recent year. Following the well... more>>
SI Edu Team
"Moore's law" states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit will be doubled in approximately every two... more>>
SI Edu Team
Behavioral psychology interlaces with the corporate world to give birth to a new market of Behavioral training which is a... more>>
SI Edu Team
Started as a training provider with a sole focus on the automotive sector, Wagons Learning's journey to become one of the... more>>
SI Edu Team
Becoming an entrepreneur without a lot of support is never quite easy as Anurag Byala found out. He quit his lucrative... more>>
SI Edu Team
Wikibon projected the Big Data market to top $84 Billion in 2026, attaining a 17 percent compound annual growth rate for the... more>>
SI Edu Team
One of the greatest challenges of organizations that were setup in the 90's was educating the industry. Anything new undergoes... more>>
SI Edu Team
2012 was as an eventful year for the analytics market with nearly 72 percent of businesses in the U.S. increasing their... more>>
SI Edu Team
Online learning platforms have revolutionized the education sector and over 41.7 percent of global Fortune 500 companies now... more>>
SI Edu Team
90 percent of the world's data was generated in the last two years. Each and every one of us is constantly generating more data... more>>
SI Edu Team
How often does one hear of a business that began with an investment of Rs. 1500 and now generates an excess of Rs. 6 Crores?... more>>
SI Edu Team
In their best-selling book, Six Sigma for Marketing Processes: An Overview for Marketing Executives, Leaders, and Managers,... more>>
SI Edu Team
Over the past couple of years, Big Data and Analytics has been a game changer in both the business and technology world.... more>>

Private University Of The Year: Uttarakhand

SI Edu Team
India is a country riddled with problems of poverty, illiteracy and other miscellaneous perils. However, our country is also... more>>

In My Opinion

Narayan S. Hosmane - Research Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Northern Illinois University
When I read an article on "IT Party is over - Now's the time to reinvent or die," written by Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman of... more>>

CEO Insight

Diwakar Chittora - CEO, Intellipaat.com
Every company today is heavily dependent on its technological infrastructure and is in turn accumulating unaccountable volumes... more>>
Aditya Malik - CEO, Talentedge
Digital Education is certainly ushering the new age of learning in India. India is at a nascent stage when it comes to digital... more>>
Richard K. Levin - CEO, Coursera
The education sector in India is no longer bound to just classrooms. There is a huge rise in online education in India courtesy... more>>
Ajay Kolla - CEO and Founder, Wisdom Jobs.com
The internet revolution has metamorphosed the order of things, replacing traditional methods with modern ones. It has... more>>

Insights from Leaders

T. Muralidharan - Chairman, TMI Group
Up to the top 5 percent of the managerial employees in a company who have real potential to grow into the senior management are... more>>
Prof. Janat Shah - Director, Indian Institute of Management - Udaipur
India's history of the past 50 years has witnessed the glorious inception of more than 1760 B-Schools. This unprecedented... more>>
Dr. Kartik Ghosh - Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Missouri State University
Every institute wants all of their students to get a good job after completing their degree. However, to find a good job one... more>>
Sameer Bora - EVP Research & Development, Next Education India Pvt. Ltd
Digital education is now more of a rule than an exception, given the increased access to technology. Almost every public school... more>>

Last Word

Raju Vanapala - Founder & CEO, LearnSocial
The definition of Big Data has metamorphosed massively in recent years. While earlier, it was just a term used for the... more>>


Sandeep Sen
The IT-BPM industry in India is a behemoth that generates revenue of over $150 Billion a year, according to NASSCOM. As India... more>>
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