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BookMyTrainings.com connects end users and corporates to training programmes and e-learning modules.  In conversation with co-founder L A BalaMurugan.

In Jan 2010, I quit my corporate job in an MNC, started a management consulting company and did a few consulting projects before venturing into www.bookmytrainings.com. Aruna, one of the co-founders, floated the idea of a rating agency for training institutes. We did some basic research and found that there was no portal for trainings in India. Further research confirmed the need for such a portal. 
Elevator Pitch
We are India’s #1 marketplace for trainings and operate with a five-point differentiator model which includes listing and promoting training programmes, creating content through blogs/articles and collecting and following up on payments through multiple modes (online, offline, PO, etc). We also have a direct sales team to reach the corporate with all our partner’s training offerings. 
Our business model is based on listing and promoting training events across India and e-learning modules across training providers. In addition, we collect online payments through our B2C model and receive a commission for facilitating such payments. We also generate leads and receive commission from lead conversions. We also have a B2B model where we work with corporate L&D department in sourcing the right training provider for their requirements. We receive a commission in this case too. We have so far worked with more than 60 corporate clients. There are also many directory services for training purposes. But, we are yet to see someone in India operating with the same (and all) five-point differentiator model.   
The Challenges
Establishing trust -the first 10 training company sign-ups were very time-consuming and needed lot of educating. Similar was the case with corporates. Our current challenge centres around generating awareness without a large marketing spend. 
Reward: Fame, Money, Thrill?
To create something that is useful as well as commercially successful. 

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