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BookMyTrainings.com is India’s #1 Training Marketplace with 250+ branded training companies offering 1000+ trainings across 100+ domains all under ONE portal. With the power of such strong network of best-in-class training companies across India, our Training outsourcing services to corporate has reduced procurement cycle times by over 90%. A rich collection of e-learning content powered by expert content providers including MindLeaders can be as good as it can get for corporate e-learning. Whether you nominate couple of people for public workshops across India or plan a corporate in-house training for a group of people or enhance your LMS with the best and latest e-learning content, Bookmytrainings.com is the place to go

BookmyTraining position in the market

We are the ONLY neutral training platform dedicated to working professionals with 0-25 years of experience.

One can find various kinds of training (classroom, e-learning, online-interactive, webinar) in our portal.

We are oriented towards seekers more and help them with their tryst with learning.

Key pain point which you are trying to solve

Provide a 1-stop-shop to training seekers. Without such portal, there is only Google that people can use for finding the best training and that's such a pain.

The key differentiating factors that make your business approach unique

L.A. Bala Murugan
L.A. Bala Murugan
Co-founder & CEO

o  We operate in a 5-point differentiator model that consists of

  • List and promote training programs in the portal
  • Collect online and offline payments
  • Provide marketing-free, informative content to visitors through blogs and articles
  • Help corporate with training outsourcing services
  • Provide a true and neutral training marketplace

  In each of the above 5-points, we are very unique again.

For e.g. "Helping corporate with Training outsourcing services".  Here, we do not have any trainers of our own. We use our network of branded training companies to help the corporate. This ensures that we are very objective and neutral in our approach to get the 'right' trainer to the client. Our transparent way of doing this with our partner network is truly appreciated both by client and training partners.

Another e.g. "Providing content to visitors". How many portals you can find that offers such marketing free, neutral content from subject matter experts in the field ? This is done purely for the benefit of the seekers. We believe people come to a portal not to just to book something. They would like to also know/understand about certain things before they do a transaction.

The major challenges BookMyTraining  faced while dealing with client

 We never had so many challenges with individuals (B2C). They all liked the concept and very supportive.We did face some challenges w.r.t. Corporate Clients for the training sourcing services. The challenges were mostly during the initial days when we had to convince the Corporate that we are really what we talking about - A True Training Marketplace. Being a start-up with only few months into the business, they were not convinced easily. So we were given rare to find trainings to source trainers for. We took that as a challenge and proved ourselves multiple times. Due to which we are also getting good support from our existing client base. Things are better now and we are getting a constant flow of corporate enquiries for sourcing of trainings.

Manjeet Singh
Manjeet Singh
Co-founder & CTO


Again, the competition is from various different segments as mentioned above.  Such competition surely impact us but since our USP (5-point differentiator model) provides us a solid as well as highly scalable business model, we are more concentrating on brining additional value to our audience rather than worry about combating the competition at this time.

The major challenges you face

Awareness creation is our biggest challenge.  Whoever knows about bookmytrainings.com feel this is a much needed portal and are happy to visit our portal regularly to check out things.  They also do some word-of-mouth marketing. But there are so many people who do not, yet know about bookmytrainings. Our key challenge is to create the awareness and reach to everyone in India.

The Revenue Mode

o  Multiple revenue sources

  • Revenue from Sale of training programs through web portal (B2C)
  • Revenue from Corporate In-house training sourcing services to corporate (B2B)
  • Revenue from Subscription Charges from Training provider companies

Miscellaneous revenue from advertisement and other marketing services

Major Milestones for the company since founding

  • March'2011: Portal LIVE on 31st March 2011
  • May'2011: Kick-start of marketing activities with participation @ Silicon India Start-up City Event Bangalore
  • June'2011: 1st Revenue from B2C Booking @ the portal
  • July'2011: Interview by Indian Express
  • Aug'2012: 1st Revenue from B2B corporate sales
  • Nov'2011: Corporate Video created
  • Jan'2012: Angel Funded
  • Feb'2012: Interview by Bangalore Mirror
  • May'2012: 1 million hits on our portal
  • June'2012: E-learning content partnership with MindLeaders
  • July'2012: 5000 Programs listed and promoted


Sundaramoorthy, Padmakumar and Selva Kumar – Directors of Symbiotic Infotech, Chennai.  They are entrepreneurs themselves with decades of experience and who believe in people. Their immense practical experience and knowledge helps us in taking our business to the next level towards our vision.


o    We operate in a 5-point differentiator model that consists of

  • List and promote training programs in the portal
  • Collect online and offline payments
  • Provide marketing-free, informative content to visitors through blogs and articles
  • Help corporate with training outsourcing services
  • Provide a true and neutral training marketplace

o    We have many competitors in each of the above 5 areas

  • Generic marketplaces like Sulekha, Quikr, Justdial, Indiamart who work as directory services
  • Ticketing and Event registrations portals, a plenty of them who help event organizers
  • HR consulting companies who help Corporate with training sourcing along with staffing
  • E-learning vendors

Road Map

o    A true Training marketplace of all kinds - class room trainings, e-learning programs, online-interactive study programs, webinars etc. with adequate choice for every training area - with at least 1000+ trainings across all areas

o    A trusted partner for corporate in training outsourcing

o    High quality E-learning and LMS vendor for corporate

L.A. BalaMurugan

L.A.Balamurugan is a B.E.(Computer Science), M.S.(USA), Executive Business Management Program (IIM Calcutta), PMP, CMC with an industry experience that spans 18 years and that includes 7 years of USA experience designing and developing enterprise software products for Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Transportation / Logistics, Car Rental, IT infrastructure management clients. He is a...

Management Team

L.A. BalaMurugan
Co-founder & CEO
Manjeet Singh
Co-founder & CTO
Aruna Balamurugan
Co-founder & COO

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  • Class room Training programs for certifications and personal learning
  • E-learning courses across Business Skills, Technology, Desktop Computing, Management skills & Leadership
  • Online interactive courses
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