E-commerce in India is spreading across industries like wildfire; anything and everything are available for online purchase now. Every second company selling online are attracting buyers giving the ‘lowest price’ or the ‘best price’, and this strategy is working very well for the companies. But how would a customer know if this is the ‘lowest’ or the ‘best’ price they can get? That he is not deceived by the company by saying they are offering the lowest price. PricesBolo.com, a location based price comparison portal, empowers customers to identify this. Customers can log in to the website and search for products they want and can get the prices offered by different vendors in their locality. The company has a very wide range of products available on their webpage for price / product comparison. This ranges from home appliances to mobiles, computers, digital cameras, home theaters, inverters, storage devices, books, baby clothing and other products, gym equipment to travel gear.

Founded in 2009 and based out of Bangalore, the company already has a strong base in Bangalore and Chennai. “Indian consumers are very price conscious and we wanted to help them in terms of price and product selection,” says Parthiban TS, Co-founder and Director, PriceBolo.com. The company gets about 3000 unique IP address visits on a daily basis and around 250 to 300 enquires in a day, still it depends majorly on word of mouth publicity, SEO and Social Media than any other advertising methodologies. The company gives high priority to the quality of the products that feature, “We do not display anything that doesn’t come with a manufacturer warranty and that is why we do not feature Chinese products,” says Bernaad R Chetty, MD, PriceBolo.com. This is one of the main factors that highlight them from similar companies.

Presently, the company is looking for funding. But, for PricesBolo.com, the main factor is not just the money. “For us the most important thing is to have someone partnering with us who share our vision of taking the company to the next level,” says Chetty. The company’s main plan is to widen its service offerings to more metros in the country. Pricebolo.com is in the process of expanding its services in two more metros in this year alone. Mumbai and Delhi are the target markets for the next round of expansion.

The company is also in the process of revamping the site which will be help customers to get the right product they need. “Today if you walk into any store you will have a sales person that helps you, tell you the different varieties of the product that you need, their specifications, features and all, and based on this you will make a judgment which may be right or wrong. We are trying to provide a solution which will help the consumers to pick the right product they need,” says Parthiban. With a much needed product and a clear-cut plan for the future PricesBolo.com is all ready to grab a large portion of the fast growing e-commerce pie in India.


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