• SI August Featured Vendor - 2021

    As we tread carefully in these uncertain times, technological wonders have not stopped making their way across industry work floors. Commendable indeed. With enormous amount of pressure, working from home, handling a multitude of employees, adapting to the new norm, never giving up into depression or other effects of the pandemic, Indian leaders have sustained their companies and have bravely almost crossed the valley of death. Commending the catalytic changes the Indian entrepreneurs at these companies are bringing to the US economy, and their innovations that are transforming the way business operate, we are proud to release this edition of siliconindia. With an innate knowledge to take on challenges head first, the innovators are steering their companies to glory and making it big by serving some of the biggest names in these times of the pandemic. From digital transformation to API, the computational wares created by the Indian led technology community are creating mass disruption to the way American firms make business decisions. At Silicon India, we are proud of every Indian entrepreneur running the show, for their dedication in empowering firms to achieve digital freedom that can bring in efficiency, and profits through unconditional automated operations and ROIs. Our editorial board along with accomplished executives of Indian origin at companies on US soil have scrutinized and come up with the stories of our featured vendors and our main highlight, the coverstory. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Let us know your thoughts!
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BookKeeper Rohit Kumar Birla, CEO & Co-founder and Vaibhav Puri, Co-founder The modern market is driven by digitization that makes simple and user friendly interface assisting the business owners in their day-to-day operations and creating a hassle-free accounting and inventory management process. BookKeeper was founded in 2011, with a vision of enhancing the utility of accounting and inventory management platforms and expanding its reach to consumers who lack even basic accounting know-how. Currently, BookKeeper relishes on a 4.5 rating on Google play store with more 35million users of the application. Established as a GST compatible accounting, billing and inventory app for Indian MSMEs as well as global VAT customers, BookKeeper intends to serve 2 million SMEs across the globe by providing an entire gamut of products and solutions for small business owners
CATTS LABS J.S Chadha, Chairman CATTS LABS is a state of the art analytical and research lab with latest hi-tech. analytical equipment. CATTS LABS operates with the most advanced range of technological equipment some of which are imported Auto sampler and Auto Analyzers. The full-fledged service testing laboratories of CATTS LABS offer a range of capabilities like Inorganic, Organic, Microbiological and Instrumental. The services offered by CATTS LABS are broadly recognized by Drugs and Pharmaceutical testing, Method development and validation, Microbiological, Testing, Environment Monitoring Service, Material safety, data sheet, Cosmetics, Food and Water testing services
Insights Opinion Sharoz Ghauri, Director - Client Services Insights Opinion is providing spectacular quality research services to organization that aims to thrive and remain purposeful in this competitive environment. To deliver top quality services, the company observers these three vital axioms Security, Simplicity and Speed which it styled as the'3S'. Insights Opinion strictly adheres to GDPR compliance and other guidelines such as ESOMAR guidelines and code of conduct. With our offices based in US, UK and India, Insights Opinion is able to cover more than 100 countries across the globe spanning across all major continents including, North America, South America, Europe, APAC, MENA and Africa
OutSmart Services Lalitha Ravi, CEO OutSmart is a new-age multi services outsourcing company, offering single vendor convenience for customers by integrating services in the areas of Marketing, IT, HR and Business Services. OutSmart supports companies in the areas of Marketing, HR, IT and Business Services. Acknowledging that both Strategy without Execution and Execution without Strategy are fragile, this innovative firm has come up with STRATEGY + EXECUTION working model to ensure the best-in-class professional service delivery. OutSmart is a 100 perfect referred business