BookKeeper: Accounting and Inventory Management Simplified

Rohit Kumar Birla, CEO & Co-founder and Vaibhav Puri, Co-founder

Traditionally, digitizing business procedures referred to improvement of data quality and its management procedure. The modern market is driven by digitization that makes simple and user-friendly interface that aids the business owners in their day-to-day operations and create a hassle-free accounting and inventory management process.

Computing tax, viewing Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss statements, and monitoring the entire financial process of the company on regular basis and generating periodic reports are some of the basic client expectations. A majority of the accounting service providers demand a stable internet connection and basic accounting and technical know-how. As clients need to focus on their business rather than devoting their key time in calculating business projections daily, BookKeeper has established itself with its simplistic yet effective and user-friendly accounting and inventory management platform with a registered user base of more than 1 lac small business owners across the globe.

Rohit Kumar Birla, CEO & Co-founder of BookKeeper says, “We are a one-stop application with availability on all Android, iOS and Windows platforms. We have integrated accounting solutions from invoicing to GST/VAT filling including expense recording and making payments. BookKeeper has evolved by identifying consumer feedbacks and logically integrating consumer feedbacks to increase its end-user utility and in process not tarnishing its simplicity.”

BookKeeper has evolved by identifying consumer feedbacks and logically integrating consumer feedbacks to increase its end-user utility

The Growth Story

BookKeeper was founded in 2011, with a vision of enhancing the utility of accounting and inventory management platforms and expanding its reach to consumers who lack even basic accounting know-how. Since its inception, BookKeeper has received wide consumer appreciation along with thousands of feedbacks and thanksgiving messages. Currently, BookKeeper relishes on a 4.5 rating on Google play store with more 35million users of the application.

Rohit adds, “We have established ourselves as a GST compatible accounting, billing and inventory app for MSME’s for Indian users and VAT for global customers. We identified the need in this sector in India that is willing to reduce expenses in terms of accounting and tax filling. Thus, we brought all the features of traditional accounting under one roof and backed it with a consumer-centric business motive with a keen eye on the market innovations. We are always there for our customers. Our customer support numbers directly connect you to a human representative and we believe that we are responsible for bringing the latest technological advancements to our clients and recommend them necessary upgrades.”

The company plans to add new features, online module, customizing languages and integrations with various government servers as per the regulatory needs of a country in the coming years. BookKeeper also has integrated the application with digital lenders, payment gateways to enable value add services for its subscribers.
The company aims to serve the entire ecosystem of small business owners through its other products such as Lead Manager & CRM, Cash Manager and Business Marketing.

The company plans to serve 2 million SMEs across the globe by providing an entire gamut of products and solutions for small business owners.

Major Differentiators

BookKeeper is available on mobile and desktop with synchronizing feature.

It comes with unique pricing plans such as monthly, yearly and lifetime plans with free updates and free trial making it easier for a business owner.

Being a provider of comprehensive financial reports, BookKeeper is distinguished for its outstanding analytical algorithm for Receivable/ Payable. BookKeeper provides customized options for inventory management with a complete control of the apex management over the viewing and editing permission from different organization departments like sales, accounts and purchase. BookKeeper allows E-commerce integration and importing sales data from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. It makes invoicing easy and is simplifies inventory management, warehousing and barcode generations with a basic payroll feature for needs of small business.

BookKeeper makes feasible moving company data feasible among the three platforms, i.e Android, iOS and Windows and helps its clients in gaining complete cross-cloud compatibility. Rohit says, “Over 65% of our subscribers are from the Indian MSME’s and remaining 35% from SE Asia, GCC, Africa and US. We provide offline, simple, easy-to-use accounting solution. Once a user subscribes with BookKeeper rest of the lifetime updates are free.”