CATTS LABS: Accredited Experts of Quality Testing and Analysis

J.S Chadha, Chairman

Testing and analysis is a core component in determining the quality, durability and performance of a solution, thus being of great significance. A product in test-phase requires meticulous scrutiny in terms of diagnosing the flaws at an early stage and ensuring that the best, authentic product is rolled out in the market. India has risen through ranks in the global testing services market mainly because of its vast demography. For example, the Indian environmental testing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10 per cent till 2025.

Analyzing the quality in a development phase and through simulations must be guided with wide industrial experience with a perfect blend of innovations. CATTS LABS is among the select few testing and analytical laboratories in India whose services are not impacted by the limitations and complexity of the location, scope and logistics. The company has grown from strength to strength under the leadership of J.S Chadha, Chairman who has an experience of more than 45 years in both technical and administrative domains. The company has a pan-India based servicing capability and provides its expertise and instrumentation for a wide range of testing and analysis.

The full-fledged service testing laboratories of CATTS LABS offer a range of capabilities like Inorganic, Organic, Microbiological and Instrumental

J.S Chadha says, “We take up challenges in testing where other people fail. We overcome challenges by innovative methods of testing which are not used in routine testing. We keep on upgrading ourselves by acquiring new equipment to meet the needs of our clients. We ensure quality of services by strictly following the Good Lab Practices.”

Stringent QMS Policies and Consumer-centric Approach

Quality and consumer satisfaction are the two major factors driving the growth of CATTS LABS. The company is focused on delivering economical solutions so that its services may reach and be acceptable by an expansive consumer base. CATTS LABS operates with the most advanced range of technological equipment some of which are imported Auto sampler and Auto Analyzers. CATTS LABS specializes in the Clean Room sector. It believes the key to consumer compatibility lies in continuously upgrading and updating its infrastructure and services as per changing consumer needs.
J.S Chadha adds, “CATTS LABS is undertaking all the measures to conserve energy and to improve quality of environment. We are continuously educating our employees and have encouraged staff for pooling of vehicles too. We strictly follow the GLP, in our lab right from receiving the samples to the end product of delivering reports (after duly analyzing them). We follow international norms viz. ISO 9000, ISO 17025, ISO 18001 and directives of CPCB & MoEF in our labs.”

Diverse Portfolio

“It’s a unique plan of CATTS LABS by assisting the manufacturer through ‘Root Cause Analysis’ or the reason behind the failure of product. This kind of service is only provided by CATTS LABS,” says J.S Chadha. The full-fledged service testing laboratories of CATTS LABS offer a range of capabilities like Inorganic, Organic, Microbiological and Instrumental. The services offered by CATTS LABS are broadly recognized by Drugs and Pharmaceutical testing, Method development and validation, Microbiological Testing, Environment Monitoring Service, Material safety data sheet, Cosmetics, Food and Water testing services. CATTS LABS has worked in the field of environment for governmental agencies and pollution boards of different states. J.S Chadha concludes, “Testing of Breathing Air, Nitrogen Air, and Compressed air sampling and Testing, distinguishes us from our competitors.”