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The impact of emerging technologies continues to propagate with a larger influence on entities' strategic plans. Emerging technologies are technical innovations which denote advanced developments within a field to allow for competitive advantage. Companies are using emerging technologies to drive revenue growth. To be competitive in the global marketplace, organizations need to be driving more innovation in their products and services. They need to innovate rapidly and they need to do it cost effectively. This has been a need that has grown over the last several years. CEOs are focused on growth, and they expect technology to be the main enabler of innovation. In fact, most CEOs look forward to use technology to gain both efficiencies and differentiation simultaneously. For most of them, technology is one way of capturing both.

However, there are organizations which face various critical pressures in terms of leaders, engagement of employees, turnover and day to day working of the organization. These companies are unable to bring change into their organization implementing the emerging technologies and are threatened by their workforce. Organizations that fail to implement the latest technologies and its training among the employees often struggle with organizational growth and productivity. Therefore they are abandoning the traditional method and coming up with latest methods of to train the management with emerging technologies that engage talent and improve performance. With the recent technological advancement and the rapid adoption of social collaboration, it has become a prior necessity to train the management and keep them updated about their changing trends.

With the purpose of making it viable and simple for businesses to find an ideal training company who not only help train their employees but also make them understand the importance of integrating emerging technologies into the organization, siliconindia identifies ‘Top 5 Emerging Technologies Training Companies in India 2016’. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, Managers, and industry analysts including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the list of companies in different business touch points. The list intends to help businesses diminish risk and provide businesses with information on records through high quality training based on emerging technologies.
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