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IIHT Technologies

IIHT Technologies


About the Company

Since 1993, IIHT has been at the forefront, providing a learning platform through job-oriented IT courses, thereby bridging IT skill gap. IIHT has been dedicated to making candidates skilled and employable based on changing industry requirements. IIHT a pioneer in job-oriented learning is perhaps the only pan-India brand today to cover multiple emerging technologies such as IT Infra Management, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud.

Current Market Landscape

The current market landscape is maturing rapidly. The chief driving force for the same has been the ‘Democratization of IT’, where in the consumer is at the heart of all change. User behaviour and demand is shaping the eco-system and of course, the ICT penetration is exponentially increasing the adoption of IT. The current market landscape is evolving into an incubator which will foster further innovation, for which technologies such as SMAC will be the pillars towards transformation. It is also imperative to note that IT is no longer an isolated industry but an integrated function of every business today. This is fuelling the increase in IT roles across multiple industries.

Addressing the Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in India is currently the mismatch in skills between the industry and the education system. Recruitments are turning niche and far more focused than ever before. The paradox is obvious wherein there are many job aspirants who are unemployed and at the same time, there are many openings in corporate that are yet to be filled. On one side, job-aspirants are still in want, and on the other side employers are not able to acquire job-ready billable talent.

IIHT has a global presence and works with many corporate. This gives the firm a crystal clear visibility of the way the industry is headed. The corporate training exposure is percolated into the learning content and passed on through a time-tested, yet evolving pedagogy. The key objective of the learning is not empowering the candidate with knowledge, but enabling a candidate with skills which can be applied on respective job roles. In fact, every course or programme at IIHT is mapped to specific job roles. IIHT courses are geared to equip the candidate to begin working on the job role from the first day.


While clients could imply students, graduates, working professionals, knowledge-seekers, job aspirants, corporate or even home makers, IIHT have custom designed offerings for each with an irresistible value proposition. While a student pursuing education gets an edge over peers in a campus interview, a home maker could perhaps work from home after learning web development. An organization can associate with IIHT to increase the average productivity per employee or a specific team can get trained in a longtail and niche technology. A job aspirant increases the chances of being employed. A working professional upgrades to move to the next level in preferred IT career. While IIHT is a pure play IT training company, it is easy to observe that the services being catered to clients is audience-specific and the return on association is an assurance to all.

Differentiating Factors

A rich legacy of 23 years has seen IIHT tide over many highs and lows of the industry. IIHT is perhaps the only pure play IT, pan-India learning group with training opportunities across all emerging technologies such as Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. The association with corporate gives IIHT a distinct exposure to inculcate real-time industry requirements into the curriculum making it very hands-on and almost equivalent to on-demand learning. The differentiating point of IIHT’s service is that it gives all its stakeholders an edge over their competition.


In the Enterprise Learning Solutions (ELS) space, IIHT is associated with over 150 of the Fortune 500 companies. To name a few, IIHT works closely with Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro, HP and many other industry majors. IIHT ELS is a Strategic Business Unit of IIHT which is primarily into Corporate Training and Optimized Talent Acquisition Solutions.

Organizational Culture

The organizational culture reflects in the flat hierarchal system where people are encouraged to indulge in multiple responsibilities based on individual strengths and aspirations. Lack of ambition is the only enemy that holds anyone back. Employees are encouraged to participate in group and individual upgradation programmes to not just increase personal productivity and overall profitability, but to prepare them for a career progression within IIHT.

Harboring Innovation

IIHT welcomes people from multiple industries which help in infusing innovation and having multiple perspectives. While the core team brings over a century’s experience in IT Training, IIHT boasts of a healthy mix of young talent and seasoned exposure. Employees are incentivized for bringing new ideas to the table. Employees are encouraged to do things the way never done before, even do things that were never done before. It is okay to fall or fail. But it is not okay if one never tries to fly. Multiple forums are created for knowledge sharing which comprises internal customers, opinion leaders and industry experts.

Go-to-Market Strategy

IIHT believes in keeping things simple. There is an acute need for skill development. While skill development has become a term in vogue, IIHT has been focusing on job-specific skill development. What IIHT has achieved only skims the surface of the potential ahead. India amongst other peers needs skill development more hungrily than ever before. With over 65 percent of population being 35 or under, and half the country's population of 1.25 billion people being under 25 years of age, this advantage of ‘demographic dividend’ could soon convert into a ‘demographic disaster’ if they are not provided with employment.

IIHT is currently at the crux of action being the chosen partner to students/ job-aspirants, educational institutions and recruiters. Job aspirants need skills to get placed since academic learning is simply not enough. Educational Institutions are looking to join hands with IIHT since the academic curriculum alone does not ensure employability. Recruiters are looking to IIHT to source and deploy specific job-ready talent. IIHT is playing a significant role by bridging all the stakeholders on one common platform.

While IIHT already has a footprint in 20 countries, and about 150 centres globally, IIHT is on an aggressive expansion drive to partner with like-minded associates who share its vision to take forward this enterprise into the next growth wave.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 1993

2) Funding information: Self-funded

3) Founding members: N Keshava Raju

4) Office locations: Pan-India

5) Company strength: 500+

6) Website: