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Unicom Learning

Unicom Learning


About the Company

UNICOM is a tech conference and training company with focus on emerging technologies and processe. Based in Bengaluru with growing footprints in 9 other countries, the firm organizes 50+ conferences every year and train 1000s of IT professionals across the globe on what’s latest in their work space. It also organizes buyers sellers meet for IT industry. UNICOM’s other service lines are corporate contests (Olympiad series) and hackathons and All India Awards nights which are lapped by industry leaders.

Current Market Landscape

Emerging technologies now enjoy centre stage in IT industry’s growth and strategy. Digital transformation is happening in every company and is consuming 25-30 percent of their IT budget and is expected to grow to 50 percent within a year. UNICOM is playing a pivotal role in helping the industry understand the eco system of digital landscape, meet vendors & partners and benchmarking the process.

Addressing the Challenges

In India, a major challenge has been the past investments in legacy systems and inertia in moving away from legacy to new age technology. Those who are doing it are emerging as market leaders. Other challenge is in market size within India, which remains small vis a vis the market size of US and Europe. Except for mobility, other areas have to catch up in India to take advantage of going digital.


- UNICOM offers researched and well planned conferences

- Corporate contests to identify country’s most knowledgeable professionals in each of the business     and IT functions

- All India awards to recognize contributions of individuals and companies

- Management training programs in emerging technology and leadership.

Differentiating Factors

UNICOM is India’s single biggest platform on what’s latest in technology and processes. The research team at UNICOM helps it to stay ahead of the business by continuously discovering new technology areas around which it can introduce new services.


Almost every fortune 1000 companies are clients of UNICOM. Every tech company has been a part of its conferences, trainings and contests.

Organizational Culture

UNICOM has a cross skilled self organized team who believes in continuous conferencing. The company’s retention rates have improved significantly over last couple of years. The firm focuses a lot on career growth and incentives. UNICOM has abolished target based sales. Instead, it follows a team approach towards sales that has improved work satisfaction and reduced stress. The firm has a clear KPI for everyone which is also linked to incentives and has adopted Kanban Process to manage our continuous conferencing culture.

Harboring Innovation

UNICOM trusts its employees and have given them complete authority to choose any role they wish to pursue, work on any product and focus on work life balance. In addition to this, the firm introduced Lean Startup model to develop Minimum Viable Conference and then add customer led features in subsequent releases. This helps in sustained innovation and new ideas and experiments being tried without the fear to fail. UNICOM believes in Fail fast, Fail Early.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Every day in over 100+ key business cities more than 100 conferences and knowledge sessions are happening across the industry. UNICOM wishes to run one conference every day in each of these cities, i.e. capture 1 percent of the market by 2020. The market for MICE industry is $200bn.

Quick Facts

1)Year of Founding2011

 2) Funding information: We are bootstrapped.

3) Founding members:Gautam Mitra and Nitesh Naveen

4) Office locations:Bangalore & Kolkata

5) Company strength: 30 full time employees & 500+ part time


7) Contact: Amardeep Kaushal, VP- Marketing & Sales