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Yasar Khuthub
Yasar Khuthub

Yasar Khuthub

Software Quality Consultant

Google India Project


Yasar Khuthub is a member of:

My strongest Skill
Software Testing: Test Planning, Test Case writing, Bug reporting, Documentation for different types of testing- integration testing, regression testing, system testing and performance testing.
Automation Tools: CL Man- PCLs, Win Runner, Load Runner, Test Director, Jmeter, Bugzilla, Quality Centre, Rational
Quality Assurance: Six Sigma, CMM Level,Quality matrices, Software Auditing.
Version Controlling and Configuration Management: SVNs with administration level knowledge. And Packaging knowledge
Expert with different flavors of Unix and Linux like Red Hat, Ubuntu, HP-UX, AIX, and Windows
Knowledge in networking, SAN and VM ware.
Scripting knowledge in Unix, Perl, TCL
Expert with different Domain: Health, Storage, Banking, Retail, Product Development, Education.
Expert in Data base Design from business level to design level and expert with SQL
Knowledge in OOP technology , C, C++, PHP, Java.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Its not fully correct. Number of young entrepreneur are available in Bangalore itself. Most of them developing and delivering software, since it is not tangible,we are not considering it as a product. Lack of the availability of cheap components, like in China, we are not making any products. But they are simply copy pasting software, and implementing it to their locally made products. In our India,ladies and small groups developing Pickle, Milk Products, Pappad.etc at the same time, the non skilled chines developing electronics equipments.
In world market also, the presence of IT, BT, and Dress materials products from India have good dignity and big contribution. Since India have population,largest consumers, marketing is not a problem. Import the components for electronic toys, phones, gadgets etc and assemble in small scale at villages, it will be success. Education and Health sector never effect crisis- product to these sectors will be good. And branding also necessary for product
My role model
I am against believer in one role model concept.

APJ Abdul Kalam:& Azim Premji influenced me de to their simple personalities. APJ motivating with the thought of hard work to achieve our dream across youths.

He is a technocrat with highly Professionalism and management theories with works.

And also keeping ethics and social commit to rural Indian people as well as urban youths!.

His books motivating numbers of people across India and abroad, especially among youth and teenagers.

"Dream, Dream Dream

Dreams transform into thoughts

And thoughts result in action."

"You have to dream before your dreams can come true."

APJ is the Father of 'Kaizen Dream' (kaizen- change for the better or continuous improvement)!
Premji's simple life and philanthropic activities are really a model to Indians.
Narayana Moorthy also keeping good ethics within industry , so its amazing.
Current Trends
Mobile technology: Smartphones, Apps for serious as well as entertainment fuctions
IT enriched , movies, Ads, Games and Cinematography
Cloud storage for Data.
Online marketing and purchasing.
In India, out 5 internet user, 4 will purchase some thing through online with in 18 months. So on line selling have good scope.
20-40% bank transaction also may comes through online with in two years.
My achievement
Successfully Implemented full set up for SVN, Quality frame work for a start up level company from A to Z.
Worked with Hitachi as Quality controller for than 5 projects with Japanes Language.
Published around 100 articles in leading regional News and worked as a sub editor for IT page of a News Paper.
Wiki Pedia Contributor
Active with Localization and Internationalization (L10n) of Indian language.
Don contribution for Unicode of Malayalam language, Malayalam GNU, Mozilla and KDE projects.
Knowledge in Linux Kernal level development and
Knowledge in Google Apps development.
Supporting, Motivating and training to freshers as Qulity HR to Testing and SQA field.
Testing Engineering Certificate from ISTQB
Six Sigma Green Belt.
Done CMMM level documentation and software auditing.
Expert in Quality Matrices
Trained with IBM Rational and HP Qulity Centre
Doing SQA consultancy and co-operate training for many companies.
Being different
Not being continue as simple testing engineer or a supporting engineer, always seeking and creating new opportunities. Interested with the implementation of a full cycle than a part any tool or system. So worked with start up level company and involved in business level design for data base.

Contributing for society as volunteer with Wiki Pedia and Malayalam computing. Now Swathanthra Malayalam Computing is selected by Google for atomic Unicode implementation. (Its one project selected by Google out of two from India).

Working for L10n activity of KDE, GNU, Gnome, Mozilla..etc.

Creating Documentary , videos etc to educate public about environment, pollution issues, IT ..etc with associating with many NGOs.
Challenges faced in job
Being more experienced(especially after 10 years) in IT industry, the world will be more specialized and also aromatically become more curbed!. Became master with specific field and we may forgot some basic capabilities of other field or never get chance to involve other fields than our technology as well as domain. eg, Commonly every one have IT supporting, network knowledge and training during college days, but if we are not using any where, we become zero with the corresponding knowledge.
Man management and coordination is little tough than setting a technical environment. Motivation for a little contribution is very important.
Arguing with development team and Quality or among the team is not good.
If any fault happened with us, we have to realize and change our side with out any ego. If the fault is with other party, we have convey diplomatically with solid facts.
Training and certification with new technology and knowledge with new tools is very important.
Goals and Ambitions
Managing level jobs in Software Quality field.My own solid product - like big Apps, or product.More contribution to society, Free software forums.
Protect my parents and family as per their wishes.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Before 6 years ago it was little difficult due to late sitting at office. Later I prioritized my personal and family life's needs and schedule. I never think office matters during outing or the time of enjoying with family. Nothing to happen by over tension about both, other than it adversely effect both vice versa. Tension about family during work hours or worries about work at home is not solution.
Right thought at right place provides the right out cum .
My advice
Opportunities never end with any fields. The world is expanding, and the necessities of man kind also increasing. So the openings always open. For more splurge or R&D type product always required more HR.
Our technical skill as well as our taste is very important.
Those who are NOT interest with typical continues coding, they can surely select Software Testing Engineering. Training with Performance testing have more opening especially Load Runner. Then Silk and QTP tools. Basic level knowledge in SQL, Scripting-Perl/unix will be good. If you are looking for telecome testing, C, C++ also good advantage. Otherwise it is not required. Certification is not compulsory. If your interest is for coding, never join as Testing or Quality engineer.
Software auditing , Quality management level job provide good dignity and Salary- than typical software(coding) engineer.
Company and job profile
Over 10 Years of IT consultation with proven record of increasing productivity and efficiency. Expert with all aspect of Quality,Testing and Configuration Management. Certified with Testing and Six Sigma Green Belt. Trained with ALM-Application level management, Rational from IBM and Quality Centre training from HP and TCL from Hitachi. Administration level knowledge of change and version control. Expert with scripting for packaging and installation build creation.Around 100 technical articles published through news Papers and Magazine.Trained more than 1000 people for the fieldof Software Testing.
Contributor and Ambassador of Wiki Pedia. Active participation of Localization and Internationalization (L10n) of Indian language. Don contribution for Unicode of Malayalam language, Malayalam GNU, Mozilla and KDE projects. Membership with many Free Software Organization. Engaging with IT supported responsibility with rural India. Social activism through Documentaries and short movies.
Books recommended
I had interviewed more than 1000s.

For freshers, always looking their attitude, taste, is they trainable, than the deep knowledge with technology.

College level book is enough for freshers - Software management, Project management, Configuration management,Database & SQL

User manual is the best book for any quality tool & Official text books are the best for certification examination in the field of Testing, Quality, Six sigma, CMMI Level training etc.
My important career decision
I did n't change my main area- I always continued and concentrated with Software Testing and Quality itself. I involved with Configuration management and release activities. I never involved typical coding. My area always contains semi coding and management. Never boring, no strain by always coding. I got more Salary than my class mates who working with big MNCs who is doing typical coding.
Making job easier
Prioritizing and scheduling the works as per its important. If one task is not possible to do myself, then immediately and directly inform to higher management authorities.
Never open Face Book, Personal mails during working hours.(It strictly followed 2007 to 2010)
Reach at office, early. it will provide more efficient. Most of the IT guys may active after 11am. Their productivity is less on comparison with those who start working early.
Office entry time strict and accurate or before time. It was a good habit achieved from Hitachi.
Interrupt all meeting actively and positively!.
Active participation to other activities in office to refresh the mind.
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