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Warren Tattersall
Warren Tattersall

Warren Tattersall

Health Industry - Sales & Distribution



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Family Background
I am Australian, born abd raised in a small country town of only 8,000 people.
My wife is Indian born, came to Australia when she was 12 years old. We have 4 children.
Contribution to the field
I work in direct sales of health & nutrition products (Herbalife) & have people working directly with me in 15 countries. I like this as it's a 'product driven' business, makes a big difference in people's lives. I built my business in my little town & love teaching others how to do this in theirs
Motivating Factor
The key is to always care more about the people you work with, their health, their success, than you care about any money you may make. Help others set up their own business & lifestyles & business grows. When everyone else is doing well you enjoy the work and Herbalife is very generous in rewards.
Selling is showing people the benefit of a product/service and why it is in their interest to buy it.
Marketing is getting deeper, understanding the market, the needs, where it's going and positioning your product so that it becomes one of the obvious answers for your client to achieve their success
Growth Prospect in marketing
A good marketing person will achieve results. If there are emperical outcomes, measurable, then the value of a marketing person is clear. Then it's not about which uni, which qualification, but about what you have done and what you can do next. You can show your value and promotion and money follow
If you build a better mousetrap in the middle of a forest & do not market it, show it's value, show people why it's better, then despite to proverb you'll not sell many & will probably stave. Quality, reliability, function, so many things are more important than price. Marketing tells the story.
Classics: Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich (get your belief and attitude right). Dale Carnegie - How to win friends and influence people (learn the basic rules of dealing with people). Malcolm Gladwell- Outliers (You need to do the work) also The Richest Man in Babylon & Acres of Diamonds
Future prospect
Same Same. I have a commitment to myself to keep the number of countries I have visited matching my age. Close now but a few to catch up. Marketing means no age restrictions as it is about what you achieve, not age, so I so not plan to 'retire' before 75 and God willing things will continue to flow
Importance of Marketing
Marketing is the wheels that things move on. Without it nothing happens. Most people in the structure of business do not 'get' this but no problem, the people at the top know where their production flows from. Innovative and dynamic companies protect good marketing people like gold.
Positioning the product
I work with weight control and health products. The market is already in front of us. 100 million people in India with diabetes!! The market is desperate for what we offer. People want to get their products from someone they like and trust. My role is to show distributors how to present in this way.
Role in an organization
I created a distributorship in a difficult environment that has a multimillion dollar turnover. Built my parttime royalty income to exceed 50 lac Rps a year.
Now I'm putting together a leadership group across India. Guiding them step by step to duplicate in India what I have done here in Australia.
Importance of 4ps
No. There is only one P. It is all about People.
In the end if the product is not right Do Not Work with it.
When you have the right product and the right company to support you, & you Do Not work with anything less, then it is always about the people. Look after everyone right & it all works.
Importance of On line marketing
I work on-line all the time now but it was no real part of what I did to get here.
If you ignore it, technology may squash you like a steam roller.
Work with it then it's wind in your sales.
Remember though, nothing changes, nothing is new, this is just a different method to do what you always did
Volume and turnover created and income generated
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