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Ask Vinay Sethi for Advice
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Vinay Sethi
Vinay Sethi

Vinay Sethi

HR Manager

Corpus Group

My current job profile
Currently working  as Asst Manager -HR & Recruitment's in Corpus Group of companies.  Corpus Group consist Corpus Software Pvt Ltd. & Corpus Media.
Corpus Media labs is a Media & Entertainment software and services company focused on building Cross platform applications bringing rich media experiences like Interactivity, Enhanced TV, Customer care, transactional services, participatory and Information services across TV, PC and Mobile.

I’m handling complete HR activities in corpus group of companies. Playing a very Vital role to accomplish all the needs of employees & management to satisfy individual needs of everyone.
Playing a role of HR Generalist& working on HR policies & compliances , Mobile policies, Laptop polices, Travel polices, Leave polices, HR dash board and so on to name.
Now coming to my core strength Recruitment & Staffing. Has recruited more than 100 professionals in different verticals & technology for corpus group of companies.
Right from the starting ladder , Fresher’s till the top ladder , Higher C’ Level managements professionals like VP, Head Sales, Technology Head, so on so forth..
Served as backbone of the company from 2010 to till date. And has met all the recruitment activities deadlines and also I have make sure that Zero & almost low cost for Hiring.
Totally responsible from right to Hire till Exist of the employee.
Organized many games, fun activities, events, team outing. Birthday parties in the company for employees.
Resource Management and people Management are the key role which I’m currently playing in corpus.
Qualities of a good leader
The few qualities of a good leader that come to mind for me are:
1. Integrity
2. Visionary
3. Encourage Creativity
4. Serve As a Role Model
5. Be Passionate
6. Listen and Communicate Effectively
7. Have a Positive Attitude
8. Encourage People to Make Contributions
9. Motivate Your Followers
10. Offer Rewards and Recognition

Ensuring my growth
To grow & develop as a leader : I’m  Trying & learning new things. Attending workshops on leader Qualities and coming back and working on same.
My advice
To be a good leader, you should have a clear vision towards your goal & ambitions. Positive attitude towards your work. Once you are clear then next step is how to implement & achieve them. What necessary steps your taking to achieve them. Identify your core strengths start working on them & be expert or master of your work. Then automatically you will be leader and master of your work & also Leaders for others. Then people will automatically starts following you.
Doing things right
Always trying to learn new things on each and every step of life, may be personal or professional wise. Trying to analysis the work & working on the same to accomplish the task in effective and in fruitful manner. If you fail what you are doing and always doing or repeating same mistake. Then stop yourself and analysis, where you are going wrong and try to rectify your mistake and then again start with a positive attitude. I’m sure n bet you , you will not repeat the same mistake again and become the master of your work.
Influenced by
I got inspire by my mother and by my managers with whom I worked. I have learned a lot from them, by admiring them, always learned new things from them. Learned positive attitude towards your work and life. how to be balance in your personal & professional life.
Handling gravience
First I analysis the issue, why it arrive and what is the reason behind it. I just go out directly walk-in to cabin of the person. Try to convince them and come to a conclusion of state that both the parties are happy & issue is resolved.

Important career decision
The Most Important Career Decision which I made in life, Once I identify my core strength as HR & Recruitments. I worked on it very hard and I have done my specialization &  Masters in HR General Management from university of Belgium, Europe.
My view on India technological development
That’s true I totally agree with you. We are lacking on the visionary & Goal of developing a product.
Example: when an company has vision of developing a product, It should be a long time vision or goal of that company for longer time of period. Not for a short period of time. It should not fumble in middle of the project.  And also should have finical support or so many investors to sponsor your project.
What’s happening in most of the company, they start to build a product and fail to complete it. Because of finical support or the product which you are developing is already built by so many other companies in different states or country. So they are losing  interest because of no value or competition in market of that product.  Or your technical manager / product manager, who was working towards develop a product will change his vision of product in the middle of project, and try to experiment and he changes whole code of the project or sketch of project. So finally he lands in no one’s land. Not he completed his first project nor second project. He wasted his resources, time & money of the company. And finally he failed to develop a product in company. He changes his job and joins in  another company. To meet his finical position & family. Or sometimes it happens vice – versa Your Leader changes his vision every months. That is also one reason of not developing a product.  Most of the companies are lacking of Good Leaders .i.e. Technical Manager or Product Managers. They are not sketching a good road map of projects. They are working like bull of horns following someone else blueprint  or going in some other directions. you can’t built a product until & unless. you  have proper road map of product with good leaders , Architects & good technical coders to develop a product & finical support to develop a product. if these things are in place. Surely will get a good product very soon.
Family background
I belong to a traditional Punjabi family. Ours is a nuclear family, I lost my father when I was in Intermediate. He was a Business man & Entrepreneur. My mom recently got retired as principal of Primary high school. Which is affiliated to state government. I have one elder sister, who has completed her bachelor degree of commerce & married well settled with two beautiful baby Girl kids.

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